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The only thing cuter than Fitzy's three-year-old son Hewie doing his top 5 dating tips is Hewie hearing his top 5 dating tips on the radio! He recently got h…



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  • psybo thetrickster 4 years ago

    what an awesome little kid

  • QueenPCT 4 years ago

    This is so fricken cute. “You smooth dawg” ahahaha

  • dinesh paul 4 years ago

    of women. The guy discovered the Master Attraction site (Search in Google) by Jake Ayres. All he’s doing now is screwing women. He’s always getting the hottest women back. I hear it. It’s yucky. I wish he never found that site. My best friend is getting laid now too coz of that site. I’m jealous!

  • Dilraj Paudel 4 years ago

    These video clips are amazing. I’d been so confused looking at my buddy go from being lame to a ladies man. He went from zero to hero. He acted like it was standard for quite a while. Then he explained it to me when he was wasted. He revealed he learned from the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it and you will get it… He’s on a date today with a sexy girl…

  • Robb KingInTheNorth Stark 4 years ago

    yess thats right every one wippas fattttt OLOLOLOL so mean

  • ali xena 4 years ago

    Fitzy obviously loves his son so much!! That”s so gorgeous!

  • MrCaptaintaco2 4 years ago

    oi he’s only 3

  • Robert Ward 4 years ago

    “Hahaha, everyones all like ‘awww he’s sooo cute!!!!’ and youre like “I HAVE THAT CHAIR! OMG”
    I admire you

  • smillyface40 4 years ago

    hewie is soooooooooooo cute

  • Bowties Maximus 4 years ago

    Hewies so cute!!

  • Grace Chen 4 years ago

    hes sooo cute

  • TeeLism 4 years ago

    I have that chair

  • Bestbasherever 4 years ago

    Lolol he kissed wippa on he nose ( he must be a girl )

  • Bestbasherever 4 years ago

    He is so awesome Fitzy is happy that he didnt say on the lips lolol like if you agree

  • ellie grffiths 4 years ago

    please let me adopt him, he’s the cutest little boy!

  • Liam Brett 4 years ago

    Hewie ya smooth dog

  • Kai Higham 4 years ago

    Kiss her on the nose hah

  • Kai Higham 4 years ago


  • janabratis 4 years ago

    kiss her on the nose!!!!! lol!

  • TheBtd4master 4 years ago

    Hawks suck

  • Matt Hunter 4 years ago


  • Bradie Browne 4 years ago


  • Stacey Dean 4 years ago

    SO CUTE!

  • isabelisazebra 4 years ago

    This is so sweet

  • imabanana2000 4 years ago

    LOOK AT that t-shirt behind fitsy the red and black one BURN IT go hawthorn hawks

  • pre6wii 4 years ago

    Ava is a trololololol

  • Lauren Taylor 4 years ago

    KISS HER ON THE NOSE!! sooo cute 🙂

  • alex raymond 4 years ago

    kiss her on the nose kiss her on the nose

    Us Auzzies are the best

  • alex raymond 4 years ago


  • alex raymond 4 years ago

    ladies man

  • 101MissAnonymous 4 years ago

    This Is Adorable <3

  • nemolover2003 4 years ago

    2:28 Now you got boogers on your lips. LOLOLLOOLOLOLOLOLLOL
    Hewie’s such as Cutie!!!

  • Jessie Maree 4 years ago

    That is so adorable!

  • Philip Meli 4 years ago


  • jack bracken 4 years ago

    This kid is god damn hilarious

  • mrlunchtime8 4 years ago

    so cute wippa is 

  • Yoseobable 4 years ago

    So cute! xD

  • Benji Austin 4 years ago

    1:27 – That’s right everyone: WIPPA’s FAT!!! hahahahaha

  • Olivia Thompson 4 years ago

    So cute LOL

  • TheBadBoyz69 4 years ago

    HAHAHAHAHAH!!! Legendary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cherryblossom9070 4 years ago

    He is so adorable!!!!!

  • emily crawford 4 years ago

    I think I just died. This is the cutest thing in the world