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First dates come with a lot of pressure, but we're here to tell you how to do it right. Hear about John's best first date ever and what made it so great. Plus Hannah – TYTU's resident dating expert 😉 – talks about the best types of first dates. Guys, tune in, because these tips will help improve your first date success!

What's the best first date you've ever had? How would you like to improve the first date experience? Let us know in the comments!

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  • rockthestrand 2 years ago

    This video shows you everything that is wrong with people.

    This comes off like it is the guy’s job to entertain a woman, to show her a
    good time (gee, what happened to feminism?).

    And it also shows us that women fake everything, that guys are totally left
    in the dark if a girl even likes him.

  • Superior 666 2 years ago

    Being an Asexual makes life so much easier. The fact that I lack the need
    for sexual pleasure makes my mind superior to the average human being.

  • Austin Arsenault 2 years ago

    Say i invite a girl i know to coffee, how do i know if it’s a date or just
    a friendly cup of coffee.

  • Wargargble 2 years ago

    guyz remember it bitches dont like it when u put it in their pooper, not at
    first date at least

  • Bruce Leeroy 2 years ago

    A general rule for me is, if a single woman is willing to hang out with you
    more than once, without giving you a bunch of excuses, then she is into
    you. *For the women.* If you are into a guy and he attempts to hang out
    with you and you give him an excuse why you cannot, I believe it is up to
    you to make it up to him by giving him your time on a more suitable
    occasion. If I ask a girl out and she says, “I can’t on that day,” and she
    doesn’t make the attempt to set something up for another time, I assume she
    is *NOT* really interested and I move on.

  • MyTubeIsBetter20 2 years ago

    As a general rule, if a woman goes out of her way to make physical contact
    with you, not even sexual, just general touching, she’s into you. 

  • Hugo Garcia 2 years ago

    I used to try really hard when I was in high school. It seemed more about
    pleasing and impressing all the girls I liked, with a personality that
    didn’t fit me. Even when I was dating my ex girlfriend, I was not happy
    because she was always bashing me for liking video games and not having
    time for her, despite her knowing that I was in school working on
    engineering projects! It seemed like a job to please her for some reason.
    Now that I am 26, finishing up my Aerospace Engineering degree, I stopped
    worrying completely on trying to impress girls and now I get girls from
    work texting me all the time wanting to hang out. Maybe because I’m their
    boss and they want to impress me. In fact, I have caught several girls
    lying on past dates about their education and other stuff just to impress
    me. It is a bit ironic to see how the tables have turned for me and with
    that being said, I am more careful with whom I date and with whom I spend
    my hard earned money on.

  • Jooe B 2 years ago

    Enough with the UMs. Take public speaking if you gonna be doing a show like

  • E_M_E_T 2 years ago

    Everybody believes that putting your honest self out there and not faking
    any personality, character, etc. is the best way to go about doing things.
    I agree. But you simply can’t just tell somebody that and expect them to
    know how to do it. Men want to show potential, they want to communicate to
    the other person that they are somebody good to be with, but that’s only
    half, maybe even less, of the “success”. The two people have to agree on
    things, and nobody can control whether or not this happens. The fact is, SO
    many things have to go right in order for a successful couple to happen,
    and as long as you accept that, you’ll eventually find what you’re looking

  • Ben Hodonu 2 years ago

    Unfortunately some females won’t be interested in you and would just go on
    a date with you just to eat food and get free stuff -_-

  • BossMannBiggz 2 years ago

    Poor John, wasting his time asking her questions. She’s not gonna give you
    any real answers. Girls pride themselves on keeping guys in the dark and
    guessing. They feel the dating game is the one area they have the
    advantage, and they’re gonna take complete advantage of it.

  • AvangionQ 2 years ago

    Horror movies and traveling alone abroad? Why not just come out and ask,
    what’s your greatest fear …

  • jenisedai 2 years ago

    If you go to a restaurant and one person is paying (guy or girl), don’t be
    a cheap tipper. If you’re stingy with the waitstaff then you’re stingy
    period, and who wants to get with someone who’s going to withhold? I’m not
    just talking about money, cheap tippers tend to be stingy with their time,
    attention, emotions, etc. Be a generous person, it will come back to you
    Oh, and be nice to the server, too. You look like an ass if you’re a jerk
    to the waitstaff, and your date doesn’t want to have to worry about spit in
    his/her food.

  • Anal Assparian 2 years ago

    I wish guys knew they need to be a super cute Mexican man to get with this.

  • Gabe Oitoucher 2 years ago

    Women need to WAKE UP and realize men are NOT like how the “perfect guy” is
    in every romance movie. Why do they STILL think that BS?? I mean seriously,
    how dumb can one be to actually expect a real person to act like a
    stereotypical character from a movie? That’s just as stupid as every guy
    expecting women to be that cliche “hot geek chick” from the movies where
    because she has glasses and her hair’s in a ponytail she’s supposed to be
    the ugly nerd yet somehow with her glasses off and her hair down she’s a
    super model. This chick is only more proof of just how stupid modern
    womens’ expectations of men are and how totally unrealistic they are, lol.

  • pmount07 2 years ago

    The guy said it best, “guys sell themeselves on the first date” I believe
    that to be true! So much pressure is on the first guy to get a first date,
    entertain her then ask for a second! I think dating can be overrated!
    Especially the way american women feel like they are entitled to

  • NewWaveMasquerade 2 years ago

    Geez being on a date sounds so fucking boring as hell! I can understand why
    anyone male or female would think wasting an entire night or day with
    someone they barely know and just basically listen them prattle on about
    their life, like it’s an important interview is in anyway fun or

  • John Parker 2 years ago

    Dating generalities are almost worthless. Women are all so different
    (thankfully) that there’s not a go-to move that always seems to work,
    except for perhaps the inclusion of a limited amount of alcohol. Of course
    the best dates are those where you forget all about the need for booze cuz
    you’re having such an interesting time, which just speaks to my first

  • QuixoticQuaver 2 years ago

    If you’re looking at your phone then maybe that’s the reason there isn’t
    enough engagement – what a cop out.

  • Scott Coquelet 2 years ago

    If you are selling yourself then you’re doing it wrong. There’s no reason
    why you’re not enough so bragging or trying to say funny things usually
    makes you the seller.

    The seller usually comes off as try hard or you just get nervous and don’t
    say anything so you want to come off as the buyer. Frame it so the girl has
    to explain herself not the other way around.

    This doesn’t mean go into interview mode. It just means stop trying to
    impress and make the girl feel like she has to impress you.

  • Nostalgic_Chaos 2 years ago

    I love topics like this, about the interactions between male and female.
    Honestly, though. When I was a bit younger, like 21 & 22 (I’m 26 now), I
    used to always be trying to please women. I’m no longer that guy. I think
    it’s really important to just be yourself, and if it turns out that after a
    date the woman isn’t interested, then so be it. It’s okay. I don’t want to
    have to come across as being artificial or follow some bogus formula to try
    and win your affection. Dating should be effortless and with the right
    person, it will be. That is what we all need to realise. Yes, of course,
    one should put in effort on a date and shouldn’t just be a cold rock. I do
    believe that guys should ask the girl lots of questions and should let
    women do %70-%80 of the talking (this is psychology proven to work, it’s
    not a stupid formula). Other than that, I’m not going to seek any woman’s
    approval. I’m done with trying to be this artificial robot. If you don’t
    like me, it’s your loss. Just be who you are, because if it turns into a
    relationship anyway, they are going to see your true colours within time.
    Just be authentic at all times. I’m like John, sometimes I don’t even
    bother any more, because a lot of girls expect guys to reflect or act like
    what they see in the media based on some formula. 

  • Seto Kaiba 2 years ago

    The first question I would ask Hannah (were I so lucky to get a date from
    her (if she’s single; which I doubt)) would be why she decided to work for
    TYT. That should say quite a bit about her and I’m genuinely curious
    (since I don’t think TYT has any “Get To Know Your TYT News People: Hannah”

  • credit2team 2 years ago

    with the exception of Ana, I don’t see a difference between fox new’s
    selection of women vs TYT’s. Seriously does Cenk, watch the shows on mute
    to watch their legs like Roger Ails does?

  • Ken Shackleton 2 years ago

    If a guy wants a second date, he better pay for dinner on the first date. 

  • Fooly's Mind 2 years ago

    Dating is such odd thing to me. All of this comes off as being very fake
    and not being truly yourself in order to “win” a second date or start
    dating “exclusively”. I have thought about dating because I am 25 and never
    have. But all of this talk turns me away.

  • chris codling 2 years ago

    all she did was prove my point that women have all the power when it comes
    to dating thats why you don’t ask a girls out on a date ask her to chill
    at your place and you can become pretty serious without ever having to go
    out on a date.

  • IamZedX 2 years ago

    “you dont like scary movies, why not” Cause their FUCKEN SCARY, dumbest
    question ever

  • Monster Fueled 2 years ago

    Im really starting to like Hannah more and more

  • You missed the obvious best first date, Sex. Sex is active, we are both
    doing something that we are really engaged and passionate about, there is
    friendly banter… 

  • dzarko55 2 years ago

    I seriously don’t understand your need to sell yourself/brag, America. I
    mean, if someone happened to mention they’re good at, say, running,
    everyone around them immediately thinks “braggart”.

    To put things into perspective: in my country, we have to be taught to brag
    for things like our cv. 

  • Paramone Gaming 2 years ago

    is it ok if i mainly ask questions and say little about myself?

  • alg11297 2 years ago

    She’s describing the type of date you take a child or a retarded adult on.
    Owww…weee, we went on the ferris wheel. That’s right. She says well
    enough of me talking about me, now you can talk about me. Actually I had a
    first date with her and she made eye contact and looked interested and I
    figured it wasn’t worth persuing. Her loss.

  • Twostones00 2 years ago

    John, if you spank them, pull their hair and ask the question, “Who’s your
    daddy?” they always come back for more. Trust me on this John. This advice
    came from comedian Sam Kinison. 

  • Martin Lolov 2 years ago

    When he said both of us, I thought he meant him and her were dating or

  • Wyatt Nguyen 2 years ago

    john has a handsome face. if he works out,he could be a very hot buff nerd
    . they are the best

  • Rakly3 2 years ago

    She thinks girls are “nicer” because they pretend they had a good time and
    you will hook up again. While immediately after you get stone cold ignored.
    I know it’s difficult to be blunt and be straight forward, but giving false
    hope is the worst. Being straight forward also lowers the possibility of
    getting harassed or stalked by that person. And this goes for both genders.
    IE I turned down a girl imo gently, but she got it in her mind we were a

    I told her, “We can’t be together because of X”
    She heard, “We can be together if you accept X.”

  • ImJustBoots 2 years ago

    The best way to sell yourself (datewise) is to ask the person (girl)
    questions that show that you’re genuinelly interested in knowing them as a
    person and let her talk for 70% – 80% of the time. People feel rude after a
    while when they have only talked about themselves and then start to ask you
    things back. I do this all the time. You don’t really need to say much
    about yourself, and this is the way you remain mysterious and charming.
    People love to talk about themselves, and if you give them the oportunity,
    they will appreciate you more.

  • John Doe 2 years ago

    Here’s a dating tip for you retarded Americans. STOP TRYING TO STANDARDIZE
    IT! There is no such thing as what should happen on first, second or third
    date etc. Most Americans seem to think that sex should happen after the
    third date. Why? Be natural for fuck sake. You can’t standardize an attempt
    to get to know someone and become intimate with them. Jesus Christ, no
    wonder so many people get a divorce in the US.

  • megan noble 2 years ago

    It’s not that complicated! Be yourself, be natural. There’s no point in
    putting on a front if you’re hoping to actually be in a relationship with
    someone, they’ll get to know the real you eventually and if your
    personalities clash then it’s been a waste of time. And shouldn’t you
    already be interested in the other person if you’re on a date with them?
    Asking questions just kinda goes without saying. Like some guy already
    commented, dating should feel p much effortless if you’re with the right
    person:-) if you’re being yourself and it doesn’t feel effortless, then
    it’s probably not meant to be! Someone else is probably out there for you:)
    I don’t even know much about dating but this just seems like common sense
    to me

  • Jordan Naish 2 years ago

    I took a cougar out on a date to the park with 2 glasses, a blanket & a
    bottle of champagne then played kissy face for a few hours.