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First Dates: Dating Tips for Men and Women

Hey everybody! It's Sam from Promotion Dating and today we are going to be talking about First Date Tips. So I am going to give you a handful of tips you need to practice the minute you go on that first date. So first date tip #1, you need to actually show up on time. This is the girls first impression of you and if you show up late, it's probably not going to leave a very good first impression. It's really good to show up a couple of minutes early and scope out the place if you've never been there before.

Tip #2, you need to plan something fun and different. And what i mean by that is instead of going to dinner, you could do something that's not very expensive. Go to a festival, a cool coffee shop, see what's going on in your town. Go to yelp or urban spoon and see what are some cool coffee shops or festivals going on in your town yo could maybe go to on your first date.

Tip #3. Don't talk about your past relationships. So many people go on first dates and vent about their past relationships. So many people go on dates and they vent out their past relationships and frustrations with dating. You need to be positive when it comes to dating in general. People want to be around positive people .Do you want to be around negative people or Debbie Downer? Probably Not!

Tip #4: You need to be chivalrous. What I mean by that is you need to be kind and friendly to the person you're on the date with, but to the people around you, maybe the servers, maybe the people opening the door for you. Say thank you. When you first meet her you should go in for the hug and say if you're going into a place together you should open the door for her.

This leads me to my fifth point. Guys, if this is the first date, you should be paying. Because if you're a real man you're probably asking her out on the date, whether you met or online or at the grocery store. So it's okay to pay for the first date guys. If she goes for her wallet you can say “it's okay you can get it next time”. If you go to a coffee shop, you maybe out four to five dollars.

Anyways guys those are my first date tips. Happy hunting!



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