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A couple of people asked me to do a boyfriend tag/first date makeup, but I find myself being lonely and exploring with different looks lol! Each event, my ey…



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  • Sarah Anne 4 years ago

    “If Beyoncé doesn’t have it, you shouldn’t have it either.”

  • Leila Khan 4 years ago

    I loved your honesty

  • Aoife acostello 4 years ago

    we would get on so so well .. just watch this and omg we are the exact same haha 🙂

  • unknownloki9999 4 years ago

    ooooh :3 first date i luv that outfit xD hope u had fun O:!!!

  • ThePandaManager 4 years ago

    and i love this 🙂 do more please

  • ThePandaManager 4 years ago


  • Khang Le 4 years ago

    Oh least but.not last you.dont got to show off fir me to make,me happy im really easy going always ok with acceptance n the only thing that makes Me different from the other guys is i like a smart non judgeelmental woman female i like hangin out i dont need alot from you females i like girls whon are polite fun but not stuckup i like honesty n nice girls

  • Khang Le 4 years ago

    Hi.theres im khang now for me wat i first notice about a female isnt just her looks i take my time being me n if she keeps it honest than i would too,but i like nice teeth nice smile…

  • Maknae Doll 4 years ago

    Haha, maybe one day i’ll get to go on my first date, i don’t know what a date’s like// i’m 19 and never been asked out, how sad XD// but i loved this video, good job!

  • funnibunni95 4 years ago

    hehe thank you so much <3

  • ewwwitzevelyn 4 years ago


  • Mellie Bels 4 years ago

    Omg you’re so cute and hilarious! <3 Love these tips~!

  • funnibunni95 4 years ago

    haha aww, nothings ever tmi for me lol! you are very welcome! i layer too whenever i wear long sleeves! nobody can see that! i hope you enjoyed(:

  • raiin4eva 4 years ago

    andy beat me to it 🙁
    good tips & i agree !

  • funnibunni95 4 years ago

    AHAHAA! exactly what she would say. just be little more excited lol jk
    thank you!

  • Saucy Moose 4 years ago


    commenting for her while she’s at work. ^__^