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When going on a dinner date, the chosen restaurant will often dictate what is being worn on the date. Dress to look like a class act on a first date with tip…



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  • KikeLifestyleAndMore 4 years ago

    P.I. M. P right there. Hahaha Good advice sir!

  • MysteryMan 4 years ago

    This guy has lots of swag.

  • Phil Johnson 4 years ago

    don’t you mean P I M P?

  • BarSideView 4 years ago

    Great video guys! Check out our channel for the best dating tips on YouTube 🙂

  • creewarrior00 4 years ago

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  • jsf21992 4 years ago

    i like him lol

  • astonishingiceman 4 years ago

    lol with the spaghetti

  • brianho7 4 years ago

    Dr. Paul is a old school P.M.I.P

  • omersalj 4 years ago

    Hi there I am the first here!
    well about your videos most of them are infromative thank you!