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Well this was the second most requested topic for viva la sex so here you go some of m first date dating tips….if you have any of your own do let me know.

Hope you enjoy.

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::::EXTRAS – (For those of you who enjoy to be nosey)

Fave song this week – Fifty shades of Grey soundtrack – ok so I've gone with a whole album as I am OBSESSED I cant pick just one song from it, I've listened to the whole thing over and over.

Fave YouTuber this week – ok so I wanted to switch things up this week and i'm actually gonna pick my fave podcast instead. – Sex with Emily by Emily Morse – I have been listening to this for a few years now and I love it. Defiantly the inspiration for my viva la sex series.

If you'd like the ‘faves' thing to be a regular in the downbar, do let me know! I want this to be a fun little secret space that only the clever people bother to open and enjoy!

::::About Katie J

My Name is Katie J I live in a tiny little country town around the middle-ish part of England. I would say i'm your typical “girly girl” in that I have a passion for all things make-up, nails, fashion and anything cute and fluffy! I have a wicked sense of humour and often laugh at inappropriate times.

I am a plus size girl and love who I am, self confidence is and extremely important part of what im about. Love the skin your in! Being plus size however it just a physical description it does not define me, I just happen to wear a bigger dress size then some others that is all.

I find psychology fascinating I love finding out what makes people act the way they do. I have studied life coaching and firmly believe we are always a work in progress, so I inevitably always have a self help book on the go in one form or another be it audio, kindle or a regular old fashioned paperback.
So if you can make me laugh or teach me something we will be fast friends.
I am a young vlogger I love making and uploading videos. This is a little window into my life. Hope you enjoy.

Hugs & Kisses

Katie J




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  • Sophie Jackson 2 years ago

    I like your gold shirt.

  • Hadyn Clark 2 years ago

    The whole chatting on dates can be a problem for me lol. Hearing loss
    sucks! But luckily it’s not always bad. Act interested, no sex on first
    date. Pretty basic stuff. (:

  • s.e. sorbara 2 years ago

    and i wanna stick my head between her tits

  • bryan dilworth 2 years ago

    I got a tip I wanna give her lol the tip of my dick in her

  • raggarbjarne1982 2 years ago

    You are so incredible HOT!!!

  • Jamie Jac 2 years ago

    Your Gorgeous!

  • Stuart Faulds 2 years ago

    Very interesting perspective, thank you for sharing..good stuff. I look
    forward to the second date video, possibly illustrated with more of your
    hilarious bad date stories from your own experiences

  • Cheesepuffgamer X 2 years ago

    Hi can we talk in private please ?

  • James Cooke 2 years ago

    would you ever have sex on a first date, or do you consider that a big no,

  • Uk Slinky 2 years ago

    Thank you for the tips, you remind me of my last date actually she was very
    much like you :)

  • Kim Turner 2 years ago

    good tips !