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The best way to understand what a date is thinking is by relating the mood of their stories to the mood of the date. Discover how a date will tell past stories to project their present mood with tips from the author of a dating book in this free video on relationship advice and first dates.

Expert: Dr. Paul Vehorn
Bio: Dr. Paul Vehorn has been a nationwide talk show host on Sun Radio Network and, and he has a Ph.D. in behavioral psychology.
Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz



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  • daveforfun22 2 years ago

    not true i mentioned negative date on date today and was very into her.

  • FreeeeS 2 years ago

    hit that girl fast dude!

  • sawyerbobby 2 years ago

    there’s another video for that by ehow on youtube

  • haha I’ve proven him wrong, I’ve beaten a pimp in his own game :O

  • Living2TheMax2 2 years ago

    @buzzatron1993 the world is meant for the brave… nvm just realized that
    this was 2 years ago… how did it turn out?

  • Wow, Genius

  • SosoSeth1990 2 years ago

    not true. when you get a negative you use it to your advantage. Anyone whos
    been to a funeral and met a girl trough one knows.

  • xennelul 2 years ago

    very insightful

  • buzzatron1993 2 years ago

    Theres this girl that i really like, but i don’t know if i know enough
    information about her to liker her and viser versar. Can you please tell me
    how to recognize when it is apropriate to offer to go out. I don’t want to
    ask her out and her be totaly shocked and confused by my proposal. Please
    help me- i keep thinking about this girl. Im 15 and shes 16 and man i like
    her!!!!! Please help! Your advice is pure gold