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Happy 2012!! ­čÖé I hope you guys like this video!! Be sure to leave a comment, I love reading them! WANT MORE?!: FOLLOW MY TWITTER:…



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  • Sami Steuber 4 years ago

    How´╗┐ do I get a boyfriend?

  • bluesmurfsokay 4 years ago

    My dates mum thought she was just going out with mates and she wore this lipstick and at the end of the night we kissed and my mum asked me “why are´╗┐ you wearing lipstick. ..” awkward

  • MargretLinda 4 years ago

    thanks this really´╗┐ helped me ­čÖé

  • leylah Martinez 4 years ago

    YOUR SO FUNNY LOL XD ahaha spider on their arm,´╗┐ XD

  • Emma Svalstad 4 years ago

    Thank youuu!!!!! Im 13 and im having my first double date to the movies and i didnt know what to do with my look :)´╗┐ thanks you do much i feel confident that this will go well ^,^

  • BloodyBerry14 4 years ago

    Taht just made me even more scared than I was.´╗┐ -_-

  • itsclivefelice 4 years ago

    This was great. Hey! I also have some First Date Tips, but these are more ludicrous and funny. Please check´╗┐ it out. Thanks.

  • jongmagee 4 years ago

    whats the´╗┐ music intro please??

  • BarSideView 4 years ago

    Great video guys! Check out our channel for the best dating tips on YouTube :)´╗┐

  • Tricia Somma 4 years ago

    “Unless You’re Lady´╗┐ Gaga´╗┐ And You Can Get Away With Anything.” And “Don’t Look Like A Hoe.” Best Parts.(:

  • Lawrence Bautista 4 years ago

    Going to a first date this sunday.. I’m 16, she’s 15.. She´╗┐ said she kinda likes me, but honestly this is my very first date. What should I do?

  • thepeacehopefashion 4 years ago

    hahahha dont´╗┐ look like whoe!

  • WeRTheChiz 4 years ago

    What was the song at the beginning? Loved the video!!´╗┐ :3

  • Eva Abad 4 years ago

    from 2:50-3:10 i couldn’t stop laughing!! it was so funny and that’s´╗┐ what I love about your videos-they make my day :)))

  • colormyroom 4 years ago

    omg me too´╗┐ dont u hatee that

  • colormyroom 4 years ago

    i love you kim my moms name is kim im bethany im 12 and i wanna do everything u do and my´╗┐ pictue in me and my freinds and nephews im like ur number 1 ffann write me back give me tips!!! <3

  • xoxoxojessica 4 years ago


  • TaylorNicole128 4 years ago

    @russiannavy13´╗┐ haha

  • Karina Amaral 4 years ago

    You should do a´╗┐ dating series!! ­čÖé

  • maree345 4 years ago

    My 1st´╗┐ date was so bad! We went to see the blind side & I was so nervous I saw my boyfriend in line for tickets but didn’t know he bought me one so I went and bought 1 for myself. Right after he texts me saying he bought 1 & was waiting 4 me. I got so nervous I shoved the ticket into my mom. The next thing I know I see my mom and her 2 friends walk into the theater. I paid 4 my own mom 2 go on my date with me. Lolz

  • sparkles4021 4 years ago

    I’m 14 but´╗┐ I can’t date tell I’m 16.

  • bclayton14 4 years ago

    My first date was bad!! We planned a time and a place to meet, a mall near were we both lived, he showed up with his best friend, and´╗┐ then said we need to eat, they chose Mcdonalds!! And they made me drive separately there cause he didnt want to clean out his back seat!! We then finished the date by going to Walmart!

  • Mariah C. 4 years ago

    Even though I’ve already had my first date, I still find these tips helpful. I feel like you´╗┐ can follow them when youre just hanging out and stuff.

  • missbeautyxoxo 4 years ago

    Haven’t´╗┐ been on mine yet. And I am 16

  • lovechristinarose 4 years ago

    I’m not a huge fan of bright colors on my nails, but whenever I ask my boyfriend to pick´╗┐ a nail color, he always picks a really bright one – so boys like the bright colors too!

  • swishkiss97 4 years ago

    So´╗┐ helpful!!

  • ilovesheckler23 4 years ago

    love this´╗┐ video!

  • HLEagles504 4 years ago

    You have to do´╗┐ a Series!!!!

  • HLEagles504 4 years ago

    “DONT LOOK LIKE A´╗┐ HOE”´╗┐ Ha Ha Kim you crack me up!!!!
    Also like on a first date what sould you get to eat and all that!!!

  • fairybubbles13 4 years ago

    Amazing Video! and OMG it’s your 200th one!´╗┐ Can you do a makeup tutorial and hair tutorial for first date too ­čÖé if you can x

  • daniquede1e 4 years ago

    The lipgloss rule is so TREU!!! my boyfriend alway’s say’s that he hate’s my´╗┐ lipglosses

  • LatinaXoXo87 4 years ago

    Yea do a series! I LOVE these types of videos!´╗┐ <3

  • Catherine L 4 years ago

    you are just too funny ­čÖé thanks so much for this vid!!
    -all´╗┐ the girls that love youuu <3 here in HK china

  • Guldefisk 4 years ago

    Heh, funny how your false-lash-scare-scenaro keep you from using them, cause what you mentioned about lipgloss has pretty much the same effect to me and lipgloss ^^” I fact I can’t figure your why so many girls loves lipgloss, to me it just seems like its just in´╗┐ the way

  • Steffie Holterhoff 4 years ago

    hahahh!! ur soo funny!

  • makeupbykristin1 4 years ago

    First Date dos and donts. kind of like what not to say and what to´╗┐ say. idk.

  • Hel lo 4 years ago

    not really. if you’re young, it’s pretty common. but a lot of people are like that. you’ll go on a date eventually lol.´╗┐

  • Chelsea Arnold 4 years ago

    Just to let you know, this was your 200th video. Haha idk why I noticed that, but keep posting awesome´╗┐ videos!

  • tobypeaches 4 years ago

    Your so funny <3 lily´╗┐ <33

  • Emma Teasdale 4 years ago

    sucks I literally -just- came back from´╗┐ my first date haha…At least I didn’t go too crazy on makeup;)

  • xbeauty21x 4 years ago

    My first date was so awkard. He came over to my house and we watched a movie, and by the time it was over , I was so bored because he kept talking about´╗┐ his workout plan and himself and oh my god, worst day ever. Lol

  • beautybyMELLY 4 years ago

    Im 14 But can´╗┐ you do a video on Like what age appropriate you should be to date and if so what things you should do on said date? Id like advice for the future ­čÖé