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On first dates, reading body language is necessary, such as signals that the other person is turned off. Read body language, such as shifting eyes and folded…



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  • killermontclair 4 years ago

    may your fantasies of today be your realities of tomorrow? if that was the case, the gods better find a way to get mila kunis, 2 midget chicks a clown and a unicorn to chicago tomorrow.

  • candi moore 4 years ago

    great advice :) thanks

  • p5454 4 years ago

    here’s a tip guys: just whip your dick out when talking to the female. you body language is very loud and clear.

  • lazybee1122 4 years ago

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  • Nadine Nichols 4 years ago

    lol THIS GUY 😀 

  • Purplehornet25 4 years ago

    let me read Dr. Paul’s body language… he really likes to hear himself talk even when he’s not saying anything.

  • poeticlyskuac 4 years ago

    You should always start a body language video with a body language guideline disclaimer. Some people could have a hurt back so they lean forward when sitting. Folded arms could be cold. That said a great video! Thanks so much for the elaborate answer.

    Peace and Love


  • Travis Cole 4 years ago

    lol dude stop being so defensive

  • BarSideView 4 years ago

    Great video guys! Check out our channel for the best dating tips on YouTube 🙂

  • fliptthescript 4 years ago

    this why woman hate each other they know what each woman is trying to do based on there little things they do. and thats when the whore bitch stuff comes out. Guy just shitting there like idiot wondering whats going on. but woman pick up on each others little body language movements.

  • fliptthescript 4 years ago

    here is a tip hes reading a q card? He sound like a robot. Sometimes people cross there arms because there are uncomfortable but are interested just nervous. and at about 50 seconds of the video you no longer are looking a q card and just talking and comes off more natural that your giving your real opinion.

  • Dee Bouchon 4 years ago

    Listen Doctor Quack, if the woman got up and left, do we really still need to read her body language. She is gone for god’s sake. duhhhhh, I think that could mean she is pissed and gone.

  • Andy180084 4 years ago

    you should avoid it. Even if *you* are not being defensive, many people will see it as such. Always keep an open posture, smile, and walk confident. 

  • propositionjohnston 4 years ago

    Dr. Paul is a Whore!

  • 132MyMusic 4 years ago

    Crossing your arms does not mean that you are defensive! I cross my arms all the time.

  • tuberlicious05 4 years ago

    Who else thinks he’s a bit of a creeper O_o

  • ABL36 4 years ago

    HAHAHA sware to god i duno if that was a joke or not but it made melaugh

  • gostate009 4 years ago

    if i watch all ur videos will i get a date lol

  • alex colon 4 years ago

    @RedUnbannable: lol

  • RedUnbannable 4 years ago

    you just know he gets all the ladies at the retirement home

  • vanadium3 4 years ago

    he’s never gets tired of that last sentence =)

  • schnecki07 4 years ago

    i love when he smiles at the end hehe 😛

  • polly10022 4 years ago

    For the..?!? uughh..

  • TorontoSportsNetwork 4 years ago

    This man is awesome!

  • JohnBlack666id 4 years ago

    Hell yeah!

  • Julibanana100 4 years ago

    I bet hes a lil stud muffin for the ladies 😉

  • brittaneyUSA 4 years ago

    lesson learned: dont dress like a whore on the first date

  • Dan Hammonds 4 years ago

    What if she crosses her arms just under her breasts, as though pushing them up?

  • Sara Miguel 4 years ago

    he aint worth it….if he doesnt have the attention on you and would rather be with his buddy then just dont date him…he obviously doesnt think your important enough. and bringing his friend with him just says that he doesnt wanna be alone with you. usually.