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  • Razor837 2 years ago


  • jan mussmann 2 years ago

    Jeremy, kannst du bitte ein Video machen, wie man zum perfekten mix
    zwischen einem nice guy und einem bad boy wird? wie sollte man sich
    verhalten wenn man zu nett ist, wie wenn man zu sehr auf bad boy macht!?

    Jeremy, could you please make a video about how to be the perfect mix
    between a bad boy and a nice guy? what to to if your too nice, what to do
    if you are too “bad boy”!?

  • zorroag 2 years ago

    Damn man u have powerful eye contact!! The majority of body language is
    non-verbal, and you sent some powerful cues! Well, that and your voice is
    very rapid and deep and powerful, really reverberating everywhere through
    someone’s whole body hahaha!

  • ZnAppR 2 years ago

    Bitte mehr deutsche videos

  • Geno Goonsack 2 years ago

    How to seduce women:
    1. Look like Jeremy
    2. Poontang acquired.

  • Justin Perfect 2 years ago

    Was machst du, dass deine Zähne so weiß macht ?

  • StripTurtle 2 years ago

    Jeremy du hast ja mal preiswerte parfüms vorgestellt. Was denkst du über
    Nikos sculpture homme meiner meinung nach hätte es da locker eine gute
    platzierung verdient. Allerdings find ich die kopfnote nicht so gut mir
    gefällt das würzig süsse frische kontrast nicht aber wenn dann in der
    herznote maiglöckchen dazu kommen und sich in der basis tonka amber und ein
    wenig vanille dazugesellen ist er meiner meinung nach der beste,
    interessanteste und vor allem sexieste duft in der preisklasse. Er könnte
    sogar ein niche duft sein, weil er so interessant und voller spielereien
    ist. Ich find die blumige note so gut, nicht wie bei fleur du male, hier
    ist sie eher dezent.
    Grade für einen eher femininen typen wie dich ist der duft meiner meinung
    nach perfekt. Kennst du ihn?
    Sry für rechtschreibfehler aber ich hatte keine lust die nomen gross zu
    schreiben :P

  • Sam Angelo 2 years ago

    I knew he was gay. Or a serial killer. I’m just kidding

  • KartoffelnSindToll 2 years ago

    I’m sick of watching all those videos from these “youtube date doctors”,
    especially when i aint got any time fir YouTube. But your videos are always
    my priority no.1, jeremy 🙂
    Thx for uploading so goddamn good videos – you deserve so much more

    Ps: i bought the one and ch men cause you adviced it to me and i’m happy as
    fuck with these fragnances 😀 thx a lot, jeremy

  • Mike Sousa 2 years ago

    Haha sick vid jeremy!! Great tips.

  • Kenith Tucker 2 years ago

    great video. but I have to ask what are somethings that you like to talk
    about with woman and I got la nuit de lhomme and got so many comments on it
    but yeah could you tell me what is there to really talk about because Ive
    been talking about strong topic but they go way to quick. so Jeremy if
    you could tell me.

  • momo mama 2 years ago

    Hey Jeremy!! Köntest du bitte ein review von ed hardys love and luck
    Vielen dank!!!!

  • adrmag96 2 years ago

    Can you do a review of avant garde by lanvin or l´homme parfum intense by
    ylves saint laurent? 

  • Oliver 2 years ago

    I’m all for your videos, you’re a legend!
    But we all haven’t got a face sculpted by the German Genetic God’s like
    It’s not as simple as smiling and telling her you want to sleep with her,
    in fact that sounds insanely creepy and/ or needy no matter how good the
    vibes are usually.

    Funny nonetheless .

  • andy georg 2 years ago

    mach mal bitte ein Review zu YSL La Nuit Le Parfum version bitte 🙂
    würd mich mal interessieren was du davon hältst

  • RealPlayer9838 2 years ago

    Jeremy, a girl said she love me but she never starts a conversation with
    me, i always have to call her or text her do you think she is interested or

  • Smuckerzz 2 years ago

    I love you is really forward…Especially on the first date. Defs would
    hold up on that

  • jeremy fragrance 2 years ago
  • Ibrahem Ammar 2 years ago

    Please do a clothes style video and how you dress up cause you always look

  • Faizo Kawuma 2 years ago

    Thnx fr all yo videoz bt need sam mo fragrance reviews any plizzzzzz

  • Przemek Jarocki 2 years ago

    Awesome work Jeremy, that’s what I was looking for. Love the practical side
    of all your videos, I enjoy them so much. Big love from Poland MAN! 

  • metalicweapon44 2 years ago

    I love this guy. Some people here might not like him because they think
    he’s cocky but he’s the REALEST. 

  • walid paul 2 years ago

    i need to fuck a girl right NOW !

  • Joshua Salomon 2 years ago

    the hair. its amazing can you do a video on this style plzzzz

  • baYeo 2 years ago

    Jeremy ich bin nach der suche von deinem sakko aus dem Video mit natalia
    kannst du mir helfen.

  • luukkizz98 2 years ago

    Great video 😀 can you start a fashion channel ?

  • uaweze 2 years ago

    Good advice but i’d say the “I love you” and “i wna rape ur ass” are REALLY
    situational so be careful with those or you might end up creeping the girl

  • Daniel Knaus 2 years ago

    Mach mal ein Review über Mont Blanc Emblem

  • KA WING NG 2 years ago

    How about how to seduce a guy like you? Any advice?

  • Nabil Danial 2 years ago

    Could you do a review of the Mont Blanc Legend? Thank you 🙂 

  • Jeremiah 801 2 years ago

    Love how La Nuit popped out

  • SSPOP Official 2 years ago

    Can you make a video an fitness please?

  • ChiaShuang Tsai 2 years ago

    Love your hair!maybe a hair video?

  • 27rosemary 2 years ago

    good stuff, more videos!

  • MikeGamerTV 2 years ago


  • arcticxassault 2 years ago

    SUPERGEIL Jeremy!

  • Marvo 2 years ago


  • Sam Angelo 2 years ago