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When giving flowers as a gift, try hiding them in a drawer or behind the back, or perhaps putting wildflowers under the windshield wipers of their car. Give …



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  • Hounsfield 3 years ago


  • jerryk12 3 years ago

    this guys an old school PIMP

  • Hans Håkansson 3 years ago

    I like it. Good all the way. Rock the world with old school chevalerie, Dr.

  • Adrillius 3 years ago

    Give flowers …

  • themodedacorn 3 years ago

    thanks and YouTubers please give me more tips on anything for my first date
    and you will get a shoutout in my next video but just help a kid out I’m 12
    and I live in canton ma so help

  • ghost731 3 years ago


  • David Mc Cartney 3 years ago

    Did he say “Ass Doctor Paul”? I know he really didn’t. But I think we all
    know he did.