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A first kiss is all about timing, and the person who initiates the kiss should stop first and look for a mutual anticipation in the other person's eyes. Lear…



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  • khadija Mahna 3 years ago

    I like it, best idea !

  • tyrone199 3 years ago

    @ExplodeDude …so why are you on this video?

  • sweetnoey313 3 years ago

    this actually makes sence

  • justintimeTM 3 years ago


  • diegoO161 3 years ago

    he sounds really persuasive, its not what hes saying and more the way he
    says it that makes this convincing

  • insolence 3 years ago

    This guy is GOD, LOL! So effective

  • BobThePatriot 3 years ago

    I came at the end of this video

  • Draftmaker 3 years ago

    He seems to be quite an effective communicator.

  • 20starcombomaker 3 years ago

    My first kiss: We were in a library between some shelves of books, we’re
    laughing cuz im funny like that. She looks at me and I look at her, we
    pause. I look down blushing cuz im shy like that, she puts her finger under
    my chin and tilts my head back up. We’re both looking deeply into each
    other’s eyes, our hearts entagleing each others with love. We
    simultaniously smile, move in, and as our lips meet out souls hug.

  • Mantas Tartilas 3 years ago

    i’m Dr paul, you maybe know me from films like ….

  • 2011TOMCAT 3 years ago

    @Bnet343 How was your first date? Did you kiss her? If you did, how was it?
    The world wants to know? LOL

  • Missyriss1234 3 years ago

    he reminds me of hugh heffner

  • sonicballer8888 3 years ago


  • 927911 3 years ago


  • sawyerbobby 3 years ago

    Thanks,gonna be needing it sooner or later

  • tyrone199 3 years ago

    This guy seems to send me into a trance..

  • moviemaker3000 3 years ago

    He isn’t telling us how to live our lives. He’s giving us advice. You
    should give him more credit.

  • mooiboy792 3 years ago

    haha he’s awesome xd

  • Commadoss 3 years ago


  • timproviso 3 years ago

    damn i felt the same

  • ShadowThug4 3 years ago

    Gotta feel the moment

  • mackeral182 3 years ago

    Dr Paul just blew my mind …

  • timproviso 3 years ago

    lol wow this Dr. is greatttt

  • kicksforlife 3 years ago

    he doesnt blink!!!!!! lol

  • GaBbYrOx1005 3 years ago

    Finally someone who understands me I luv the mystery in a guy before he
    kisses me