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On first dates, it's good to be funny and to tell some light jokes, but a person should not be obnoxious and tell too many jokes. Be funny on a first date by…



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  • John Boy 4 years ago


  • winter395 4 years ago

    I turned this off after he said “Women can be funny”

  • rapsucks1776 4 years ago

    the question is HOW be funny. you failed to answer “dr” paul. “be
    tastefully funny,” is effectively all you said. you have failed now answer
    the question

  • melvincooper1 4 years ago

    and remember,……NO…….means YES

  • mettaworld peace 4 years ago


  • midniter666 4 years ago

    Ass Dr Paul 😛

  • punkster35 4 years ago

    god you’re comments are hilarious!!!!!!!

  • Wouter Roozeboom 4 years ago

    am I going to need advice from an old man with 3 rings??? no way…

  • boredashellmahn 4 years ago

    funny word count: 374 🙂 funny

  • Jaistar2k22 4 years ago

    how grey can you go? Because I have a joke about an epileptic baby in a
    bathtub that seems to be hit or miss. I also make racial jokes(It’s ok I
    have blacks on my family tree!) but mostly jokes that involve
    babies/children in one form of duress/abuse or another, I’ve had some great
    dates telling those jokes but I never get a second one so I stopped using
    them. Is it ok to use them again or should I just keep those jokes between
    me and my daughter?

  • kajoj21 4 years ago

    haha may your fantasies of today be the reality of tomorrow

  • But you didn’t tell me HOW to be funny ):

  • NatiiveBlue 4 years ago

    yeah well done! ur not blind! x

  • eminemshowfan 4 years ago

    dont listen to a word of this

  • Steven Capp 4 years ago

    lol ?

  • Sly88Frye 4 years ago

    Thanks! I completely understand that. I’ve noticed myself when going out
    with a girl for the first time that I overdo telling jokes and she starts
    getting tired of it and not really listening to what I say.

  • hubomba 4 years ago

    Topical jokes and situational observations are all I do. Its great.

  • kiljanette 4 years ago

    @kajoj21 xD

  • nicefella29 4 years ago

    haven’t you got any advice for me mate?? cheerse…

  • bobscanfly 4 years ago

    you’re funny

  • xblade2099 4 years ago

    @kajoj21 lol

  • gNarLy cEe 4 years ago

    If your trying to be funny, you’ve already probably lost the battle. Leave
    being funny to comedians, and just be sincere, BE YOURSELF! SOmeone will
    eventually like you, FOR YOU! o_0

  • pharax 4 years ago

    How to be Creepy ^^^^

  • Huang Kevin 4 years ago

    and u sound gay, does that means that u are not striaght?

  • humboldtpajabrava 4 years ago

    im sure he is a pimp

  • Kc McCoy 4 years ago

    This isn’t how to be funny It’s telling you the amount of funniness allowed.

  • gNarLy cEe 4 years ago

    Your daughter seems like a very lucky girl, who has a cool dad. DON’T EVER

  • cokecola417 4 years ago

    women arent funny.

  • MrCoolguy6273 4 years ago

    he probly score’s with all the laddies hahaha

  • THEDXFAN28 4 years ago

    @melvincooper1 haha, every time

  • KtotheRIZZLE 4 years ago

    now thats a real playa

  • adelareq 4 years ago

    this dude needs some tips on how to speak like a real person. he sounds
    like a text book haha.