Added by on August 30, 2013 First Date Tips: How to Avoid the #1 Turn-off (Bad Breath) Going on a date? Here's how to avoid turn offs like bad breath and other co…



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  • HowdiniGuru 4 years ago

    Good´╗┐ points! ­čśë

  • DatingSitesOnline 4 years ago

    Bad breath is most definitely a turn off. However, the trick though is not to overdo with the mouthwash or even cologne/perfume for that matter. Some people try to mask any signs of bad breath or odor by going overboard with these two items and on a first date, this type of´╗┐ overkill can also actually be a turn off as well. Hence, moderation is always best.

  • yvo sto 4 years ago

    She talk only about bad breath….boring…If you are smart doesn’t matter if you didn’t wash your theth in that day, even for job interview and even´╗┐ first date….but especially for job interview(is not like you will kiss the interviwer)

  • laughingnonstop 4 years ago

    my´╗┐ left ear enjoyed this video..

  • barakatmo 4 years ago

    haha, thats´╗┐ funny tight there =)