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When going on a first date, avoid discussing subjects that are morbid, creepy or negative. Avoid being creepy on a first date by staying upbeat with tips fro…



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  • SaintRaddigan 3 years ago

    When he’s introducing himself, am i the only one who hears “and host of ass
    doctor Paul”?

  • lordluminous 3 years ago

    Local Friendly Psycho FTW!!!

  • ApocalypticAlora 3 years ago

    Sadly, if a guy pointed out crime scenes, I’d think he was amazing. I’d
    probably point out a few that I know as well…

  • shh123 3 years ago

    @SaintRaddigan Ass Dr. omg

  • kharyzma4u 3 years ago

    this is mad funny. i like this doctor:)

  • dollymix11 3 years ago

    LMFAO he doesn’t blink . . . -_- OMG

  • 7410n0 3 years ago

    @DethPickal I like unicorns. They have tachyon energy shields.

  • silverfire1980 3 years ago

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    because he just got great at getting ladies. The guy went to the Master
    Attraction web page (Check in Google) by Jake Ayres. All he’s doing now is
    fucking women. He’s continually getting females back. I can’t help but hear
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  • maverikninja 3 years ago

    So what if the other girl finds unicorns and flowers creepy….?

  • Smike 3 years ago

    OMG how does he manage to NOT BLINK for 2 minutes?!

  • SoulKingForever 3 years ago

    Because he’s a mutha fuckin BAWSS!!!

  • azmoon09 3 years ago

    And i am looking for one ha ha ha…

  • Jordan Lewis 3 years ago

    “May your fantasies of today be your reality of tomorrow.” LOVE IT!

  • moongirl786 3 years ago

    Awww, but being creepy is so much fun! 😛 And my boyfriend doesn’t mind,
    actually he thinks it’s cute when I want to blow someone up for being an
    asshole or something! 😛 Oh, and if you want to date a Goth, be creepy on
    the first date! 😀 Seriously though, why would you date a person if you
    have to hide who you are from them? That’s just “The Norm” talking. Thanks,
    but no thanks.

  • GWDominator 3 years ago

    He’s a doctor?! He gets paid to teach people how not to be creepy?
    Seriously who needs this kind of advice? When does anyone ever type into a
    search bar “How to avoid being creepy on a first date”? Also that smile at
    the end…it was just….*shudder* Is he really qualified to teach people
    not to be creepy?

  • Ellison Libby 3 years ago

    Oh man..The last time I went on a date I kept on talking about my
    fascination with crime documentary and cold cases. And how I want to become
    a forensics scientist. EPIC FAIL lol

  • Mangaka1day 3 years ago

    Lol forget the murder u dont need that XDXDXD hahaha this is so funny even
    though i get obvs hes being serious -:|

  • Irshkboy 3 years ago

    This guy doesnt blink, A real poker face

  • feedee92j 3 years ago

    I asked a girl, if she wanted to take a jog with me. is that a weird date?
    should i pick something else. i dont like resturaunts. so i want to do an
    activity. any sugestions?

  • Mikayla Droz 3 years ago


  • aj755account 3 years ago

    Maybe he just blinks when blink, so you never know when he blinks.

  • Joe Marvin 3 years ago

    You will know that disturbing stage when your nephew (who’s been a loser
    for all of eternity, it should be said) gets an amazing girl to fall for
    him in 2 weeks?! Shit, that basically occurred. I am aware I should think
    well done, but I want it to be me. He smiled as he told me he learned from
    the Cupid Love System (Search for it in Google). I want to disappear in a
    cave at present…

  • Tony Neumann 3 years ago

    For some reason I have a feeling this guy is a creeper all his own. I’m
    surprised he didn’t say “If you simply MUST look at her breasts, treat it
    like looking at the sun: get a sense of it, and look away.”

  • key1810 3 years ago

    @smikesmike05 wow, i didnt notice before..maybe its another psycho tactics,
    adn he uses some eye drops:)

  • paintballrules15 3 years ago


  • jowiefjiwejf 3 years ago


  • jankendorf 3 years ago

    Speaking of creepy… What’s up with the smile in the last second of every

  • Tony Alao 3 years ago

    I wish this dude was my DAD, then he can teach me ever more!

  • a papan 3 years ago

    And this guy is totally not creepy…

  • MsDorkusMalorkus 3 years ago

    But…creepy makes life interesting.

  • Rapunzel6115 3 years ago

    @SaintRaddigan its ask doctor paul, but yes i do hear it

  • clay180 3 years ago

    Can you talk about CSI: Miami being a fantastic show and it having David
    Carusoe, the best CSI cop ever?

  • Allison Walker 3 years ago

    biking, boating, or horse back riding.

  • MANJUICEIFY 3 years ago

    I think it’s good to talk about creepy but with humor, she’ll think you’re
    unique and unlike other guys who talk about fuzzy pets and girly stuff