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When asking someone out on a first date, suggest something light and not intimidating, and remember to smile. Ask someone out for the first time in a way tha…



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  • darianman567 3 years ago

    ok, im 18 and i ask myself the same thing. I usually take my girl (well not
    really my girl bcuz shes muslim and isnt really allowed to have a boyfriend
    but she kinda is my girl bcuz were in love. idk its complicated. but anyway
    ) we go 2 the movies then out to applebees or something. Doesnt really
    matter what movie. we never end up watching it anyway.

  • Klimek Ralf 3 years ago

    @carpionw he probably can, from what i see of hes clips you can get some
    good tips, remember always to smile, makes wonders 😀

  • KgjA51 3 years ago

    2nd, Thanks Dr. Paul!!! I love your quote at the end “May your fantasies of
    today be your realities of tomorrow.”

  • pyropakman 3 years ago

    If this guy collaborates with SimplePickup, there is no hope for us normal

  • 1Serperior 3 years ago

    I need help. I feel im in love with a girl. Im in the sventh grade though.
    We r really good friends. Could someone please give me an advice as to how
    to ask her out. I want to know the “how” part. Please someone help.

  • Fantastic_Timez 3 years ago

    what a pimp! good advice but it could be hard to adapt HIS way to everyone.
    After all this is only a “guideline”. Geting girls is hard and easy at the
    same time. Good luck to you all

  • im 17, i wanna ask a girl out that a really good friend of mine. but i dont
    want it ruin our friendship if she rejects me

  • ConorC96 3 years ago

    I get a little nervous about even getting a girlfriend. Sometimes I say to
    myself “That special person doesn’t exist, so what’s the point in even

  • lakesidelivin 3 years ago

    A date is two friends having fun, then, when you’ve had some fun and you
    both feel close you hold hands, then when you mellow out some you hug and

  • Starinator5000 3 years ago

    I have the exact same problem.

  • Eduardo lugo 3 years ago

    Thanks for the tip! Even though I am not into dating yet.. because I want
    to finish with education first.

  • jd87a 3 years ago

    What a good idea! Such a light suggestion. Bistros are so light!

  • P3RF3CTxSN1P3R 3 years ago

    im 13 N’ like this girl her name is madison and i really like her, wat
    should i do?

  • xXBABYSAVAGEXx 3 years ago

    Will Yhu Go With Me ? Will Yhu Go With Me ? Look And Tell Me If This Is
    Cute Enough . ! Will Yhu Go With Me ? Will Yhu Go With Me ?

  • dinosaursrocksohard 3 years ago

    I’m a girl. I’d say probably something like coffee; if you want to really
    pique her attention, try something creative (throwing paint at an empty
    wall in your room, stuff like that). 🙂

  • Arif hadi keren 3 years ago

    My little step-brother was able to make the most beautiful stripper there
    is in my town fall in love with him as he ran the Cupid Love System (search
    in Google). It’s bad but I wish I’d been pleased for him but I dream an
    incredible individual would fall in love with me. I am extremely green with
    envy. Does that make me a lousy individual?

  • alixinthemiddle 3 years ago

    very helpful. thanks!

  • soccercommercials 3 years ago

    ive known the girl i like since kindergarden but i just realized that i
    love her wat do i do i mean i cant do all this crap about wat to do on a
    first date because all this stuff about get to know her wont work because i
    know everything bout her and she knows everything bout me I really havent
    ever liked a girl b4 (no im not gay) so im completely clueless on wat to
    do. Cause shes my friend and if i tell her i like her and she doesnt like
    me back we wont be abul to be friends anymore

  • 1bobo1 3 years ago

    I love that smile that finds its way into every ending

  • shorkeded 3 years ago

    i would go out with him

  • BabyScrappy15 3 years ago

    i think age doesnt matter, i mean a few years but not no 10 year
    difference. if you like her and she likes you and you are good friends,
    then you should as her out. hopes this helps, goodluck!

  • spazzinmonkey 3 years ago

    How do u get a person to say yes? I asked my crush out like 10 times and
    keeps saying no.

  • Sebastian Seb 3 years ago

    how would my friend ask out a girl who knows that he likes her and its
    really akward

  • SilverSpade92 3 years ago

    ..WHAT? +1 sir, for randomness XD

  • clay180 3 years ago

    @BallStateStories It is really implied if its just the two of you…alone.