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Dating experts Marni Battista and Corey Jenkins dish on first date ideas including what to say and do on a first date and other dating advice to make him ask…



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  • Ariana Ly 4 years ago

    His voice sounds like the bee from bee movie

  • Jill Kelleher 4 years ago

    This video shares tips on how women could encourage a man they like
    multiple times after a first date.

  • shootersize 4 years ago

    What do we do when Mr. Quality Casual falls off the face of the earth for a
    month and in the meantime I’ve started seeing a potential Mr. BF– and ran
    into Mr QC last nite (great catch btw) and now he’s texting again to go
    out, now do i give him another chance or tell him “sorry I feel you wanted
    something more casual I’m actually looking for the real deal and think I’ve
    found it” or just give him a chance??

  • shootersize 4 years ago

    Thanks for the input!! I actually became official with Mr. BF material this
    weekend! Whoop whoop!!! Buh-Bye Mr. QC!!!

  • datingwithdignity 4 years ago

    Hmm… this is a GOOD question. It’s okay to say to Mr. QC that you are
    still in a place in your life where you’re looking for a relationship, and
    his behavior last time around doesn’t tell you that he’s in the same place.
    Ask him if anything has changed, or if he’s still looking for something
    more casual. Once he gives you the answer you’ll know what to do!

  • Katherine Fischer 4 years ago

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    guarantee that you will find ‘the one’? It is a plus point, of course. But
    that’s not what a guy seek from a woman. Learn the secret and attract any
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    PERFECT MAN CONTROLLER, everything gets better. It feels very good to be
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    we already dated for several months. I am so happy 😀

  • ggore6 4 years ago

    Corey looks more sexy than Christian! Get him naked! Lol

  • datingwithdignity 4 years ago

    Woohoo!!! Good for you!!!!! BIG hugs and best of luck 🙂 Marni

  • Theresa Vu 4 years ago

    This helped alot.. :))