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Some easy quick tips for men on the first date.



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  • JW lya 4 years ago

    shoul;d i dress up as a clown?

  • JW lya 4 years ago

    this isnt fun anymore …. srssly almost makes me think women are more ^^

  • Nabin Paudel 4 years ago

    Don’t look at this if you don’t genuinely want to pick up the most wonderful women. Google Gaining Digit Game and study the advice they give. I used to be kind of pathetic attempting to pick up women until eventually I checked Gaining Digit Game out. Right now, I can tell a considerably different story.

  • Fashio nSlave 4 years ago

    jlove talk, your advice is good for attractive men, not for these who really needs change, you are stupid

  • Patrick Adams 4 years ago

    If you want a real relationship, the first thing you have to do is to be yourself! Otherwise you have to pretend the rest of your life. But you also have to understand what women seek in men. They like men who know what they want, a man with confidence and dignity, a man with principle. I was quite a smart guy, but I was zero in social life.. 🙁 Until I learned this method from Complete Playboy Tricks, I learned how to act and behave towards women.. I also learn to overcome my anxiety! coool!

  • BillTheTrainer 4 years ago

    @Mike Watson: It’s because women mistake shyness for a lack of confidence and kindness with weakness (which is unfortunate).
    As long as you have a backbone though and don’t act like a pushover, it’s alright to be a nice guy.. you just need a bit of an edge.
    Hit up “the alpha mindset, com”..
    That’s a good free guide that will probably help you out a lot.

  • Simon Garner 4 years ago


  • jhunted7667 4 years ago

    I have been young and now I’m middle aged , nothing ever worked for me when I was young , now girls like you want me to be my sugar daddy which in some ways is upsetting because people stare at me when I talk to a younger woman , so don’t give advice your part of the problem of winding girls up to want older men ,

  • Fredia Griesbaum 4 years ago

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  • Alfie Khondker 4 years ago

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  • ze1nikO 4 years ago

    Fake accounts? I have a fanbase you delusional moron. You’re an obvious ‘pussy ass beta’ for actually insulting someone over the internet in the first place you 40 year old 12 year old minded spastic.

    yeap i’m the bitch, definitely, it’s so obvious ‘bigboy’ 🙂

    🙂 🙂

  • chadloveschargers 4 years ago

    Holy crap she’s sexy

  • D. A. Seville 4 years ago

    At a movies? Dude, before you date, practice your use of the English language.
    OMG, can you imagine… “Hi, I’m here for our date. I’m taking you to a movies.”
    She’ll be like, “Whaaaaaaat?” And her Dad will probably shoot himself in the face.

  • D. A. Seville 4 years ago

    Yes, don’t let the girl ride on your handlebars with a dress on. Make her sit on your banana seat. Don’t buy her the value menu dollar items, get her the full happy meal and super size it to send the message that you really, really care. Have her home before dark and before you kiss her, practice your lip ups in the mirror for at least 30 minutes a night. Make sure you wash behind your ears and take a shower before you leave for McDonald’s, you’ll probably sweat while you pedal the bike, so…

  • D. A. Seville 4 years ago

    21 people disagree that it’s fucking creepy. lol

  • D. A. Seville 4 years ago

    If I keep my phone in my pocket, she might think there’s a rocket in my pocket and baby I’m ready to roar! lol

    No, but seriously Jlove this was excellent advice. Although I cannot believe some guys play tonsil hockey and drool all over a lady on a first date. Knock it off you bunch of animals and keep your tongues in check, you bunch of snake like creatures! GROSS!

    Treat her like a cat. Pet her a little bit and leave her alone. Women are like cats. If she likes you she’ll jump in your lap.

  • BigBoy62783 4 years ago

    u think giving yourself thumbs up with fake accounts adds to your credibility? ur still a pussy ass beta. also a little bitch

  • ze1nikO 4 years ago

    lmfao, and over here everybody, we have a linear piece of shit whom is a pathetic excuse for a human being.

    Congratulation, you illiterate loser.

  • BigBoy62783 4 years ago

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  • Rahman Tipu 4 years ago

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  • rs5156880 4 years ago

    My Dick Hard!

  • christian ramirez 4 years ago

    so I gotta question ..? I was talking to this girl who I really liked and she said she really liked me but like 3 months later she says we can’t talk like bf and Gf cause I’m just way to Nice and she didn’t deserve me ? Wtf? I thought girls wanted sweet nice guys??

  • Ernesto Batarse 4 years ago

    Thank u very much 4 the advice :)

  • Alfredo Moreno 4 years ago

    hey guys if you want any women to chase you for sex check this out its sooo coool

  • SevereFaith 4 years ago

    this advice was horrible. and predictable… this girl is lucky she is decent looking cuz her brain is fried like bacon. uhmmm. like.. be urself…like don’t be’…. don’t…like.. idk like…open door…. don’t lick her face or drool on her.. thanks I was planning on doing that now I wont thanks.

  • backstabber441 4 years ago


  • ze1nikO 4 years ago

    I don’t think she understands that she can harm actual relationships or possible relationships with her horrible contradictory advice. The fact she doesn’t even have the decency to reply to any comments to back her self up when she has not even a small fan-base, is quite sad and inhumane. This person is only trying to use her model like image to gain viewers for partnership to hopefully scab, yes scab some money off youtube… My comment from 7 months ago which got top comment, regret it.