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This is my VERY first dating tips video, and I have some solid advice around the first date. We should always try to make a reservation if needed, go easy on…



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  • Howard Dean 4 years ago

    us daters out there?

  • Sweetgirl1980 4 years ago

    thank you for the advice..

  • SHALcTV 4 years ago

    Make it clear that you enjoy dating, and want to take your time to get to know someone; there is no rush or need to commit. Hope that helps!

  • Sweetgirl1980 4 years ago

    how would you tell guys that girl wants to date them often without commitment???

  • Connor Tefft 4 years ago

    @nunrg187 like

  • JluvOfficial 4 years ago

    Actually I am great at picking up women but i dont have a girlfriend at the moment. but i can tell you women love me. this notion that ‘nice guys’ finish last is unfamiliar to me. being compassionate, genuinely as well being empathetic, smart, thoughtful and creative really turns women on.

  • SHALcTV 4 years ago

    I don’t think so. Even the most laid back girl will appreciate them..

  • Samir Ahmad 4 years ago

    Great advice. Concise, effective and realistic. Question though our flowers a bit much if your date has a very laid back personality.

  • SHALcTV 4 years ago

    For fun:)

  • amazingyummy2 4 years ago

    Y were u on KRS channel?

  • Forest B. 4 years ago

    i wouldn’t mind taking you on a first date hubba hubba

  • Rup2001 4 years ago

    2 drinks lol

  • digitalartistfilms 4 years ago

    OMG, so true!! thanks for the advice, you are amazing!!!