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First date tips for men that will drastically increase the chances of you having a successful first date. SUBSCRIBE to see ALL Videos: …



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  • Dating & Life Success - Michael Valmont 3 years ago

    First Date Tips For Men – Golden Nuggets that will radically improve your
    success on first dates.

  • zatara wood 3 years ago

    99% of people watching your channel cant open bro .. let alone worry about
    how to date … cart and horse.

    can you do more infields mate ..? proper game .. not typical flash game
    with a fast attraction & number close & consequent high flake rate. hired
    guns would be good .. never seen any PUA do this on film, open a two set
    … which lets face it is how girls walk around c London.


  • zeriul09 3 years ago

    what about the lemon law? how do you go about ending the date and going
    home if its not working out? because ive been on a fair few dates where
    after about 15 minutes I just want to leave or its clear were not getting
    on, how do you use the lemon law without coming over as an arsehole?

  • Jose Casablancas 3 years ago

    What if you and your date already know eachother pretty well? I find it
    harder (100x harder) to pull off the moves i’ve learned simply because
    she’s not a stranger…. any tips?

  • Ethan Chan 3 years ago


  • Lydiart720 3 years ago

    I’m going on my fist ever first date in a few days and I’m terrified!

  • Ameenur Rahaman Servarr Basha 3 years ago

    I got a chance to date a girl first time…..but she didn’t confirmed the
    date verbally or by chat…..but, i thought she would come to the place
    which I told her. She did turned up to the spot but however, we were not
    fixed the exact time to meet. I showed up late…..Does it shows that she
    likes me or what? I am under a big confusion….

  • astonvilla051 3 years ago

    Fantastic you ever done anything with Gambler?

  • Paul Sheraton 3 years ago

    Good tips I would say with hot girls you only get one date, make sure you
    get your hands on them and try to kiss them. 

  • Christian Coly 3 years ago

    This is gold !

  • I Control My Fate 3 years ago

    Assuming of course she is not the type of girl who is easily bored with
    that sort of thing

  • Karim X 3 years ago

    What about sex on first date? Is it a good idea? What to do to make it

  • Callum Thomas 3 years ago

    Another great video mate!