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In order to creatively get to know someone on a first date, ask simple questions that are not intrusive. Get to know someone on a first date in an informal f…



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  • RiderRocker13 4 years ago

    His introduction statement is so irrelevant..

  • Mika Ehrlich 4 years ago

    it is not from my fair lady, it is from the king and i

  • iamveltto 4 years ago

    “Where are you from?” -“AHH!”

  • arbraves13 4 years ago

    Your videos should get more views.

  • Juan Salgado 4 years ago

    david d is way better than this guy!

  • mis2mis2 4 years ago

    Haha, yeah song was from The King And I but i think he knew that.

  • jim dandy 4 years ago

    MICHIGAN in the HOUSE!

  • sav g 4 years ago


  • abishop8 4 years ago

    The King and I, not My Fair Lady.

  • eframeisinlove 4 years ago

    this guy is hilarious

  • homeboy1kris 4 years ago

    so theres this girl right, but she always up on me, but da prob iz idk dat
    much about her, well the prob iz is dat idk how ta get ta know more about
    her becuz usually i just go get a gurl n mess around, but dis iz serious n
    now idk how ta get ta know dis gurl, i need alot of help

  • AdaBada123 4 years ago

    Kalamazoo, MI is where Derek Jeter is from.

  • mfloto 4 years ago

    I believe it was from “The King and I”, not “My Fair Lady”