Added by on February 17, 2014 How are your dating skills? Do you get blown off by women after one date and…



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  • David Wygant 3 years ago

    Have you been guilty of playing “Big Daddy Game” on first dates?

  • Caleb Bowers 3 years ago

    david you just discrided my first date that i fucked up haha.

  • Darshaun Edmunds 3 years ago

    Real Ish!!!

  • kermit1 3 years ago

    “Big daddy game”


  • Ian Liszewski 3 years ago

    Funny thing is, I think to an extent you throw your big daddy game at us in
    these clips to try to score some views.

  • Stretch MyHeart 3 years ago

    people still do this? lol