Added by on October 14, 2014

Yes its true, I went on a first date today. Best date ever. but I Have some tips.



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  • Cain Munns 3 years ago

    1. STOP looking at me!

    2. Be very open (laugh) and be nice

    3. You need to know what *You expect from that person

    4. Be yourself and then you can see, like, who they are and for what who
    they are, for what who they are.

    5. If they’re crazy you should show you’re crazy side

    6. Do not do anything you wouldn’t do with your mum

    7. do not.. DO NAHT take your gum out and accidentally drop it into your
    hair and then have issues on the side of your head with pulling gum out of
    your hair

    8 Do not downward tilt face to avoid a kiss because then you’ll
    accidentally have them kiss your nose, It touches your nose and you don;t
    want that because it makes a good joke but it’s embarrassing for both of
    you – (you can turn or something)


  • ara sullivan 3 years ago

    zoe youre freakin retarded. i love it

  • polarity1 3 years ago

    Good tips 10/10 will use. Especially the mom tip.