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Firsts Date Tips! These dating tips will help everyone but especially nerds… so if you've ever asked.. “What do you do on the first date?” … I GOT YOU! I…



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  • Dubble Bee 4 years ago

    What’s the bgm?

  • BarSideView 4 years ago

    Great video guys! Check out our channel for the best dating tips on YouTube 🙂

  • Gertha Whaley 4 years ago

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  • BSmeansBlueSalad 4 years ago

    “vlogging is kind of a rare thing to see in public, but at one point so were cell phones and headsets.” hmmm…good point!

  • csandreas 4 years ago

    hahahaha I didn’t even think about that… NEXT time… and YES… all the time.. I just learned to ignore them … The best tip I can give is, don’t worry about what people think just because they aren’t hip to what you were doing… vlogging is kind of a rare thing to see in public, but at one point so were cell phones and headsets

  • BSmeansBlueSalad 4 years ago

    when you were going to sit on the chairs I wish you went for the top shelf! That would have been hilarious! btw while you were in Target did you get any weird looks? I haven’t ever vlogged in public but I want to but feel a bit awkward…any tips?

  • iLikePrograms 4 years ago

    I dont think we have any where that suitable. The department stores in this country aren’t really that big and are mostly either Food stores or Clothing stores!

  • csandreas 4 years ago

    haha no I can see why you’d think it was meant to be fun.. yo brain is fiiiiiine girl!

  • StayFlyStephanie 4 years ago

    my bad, it’s early in the morning. my brain is not fully functional, haha. but after dinner taking her somewhere fun and random like toys r us is a great idea. i feel like a lot of my ‘dates’ have ended up sorta like that one way or another actually now that i think about it

  • csandreas 4 years ago

    Totally…I don’t think there’s too many girls that would object to a freshly waxed floor. lol

  • csandreas 4 years ago

    haha I suck at that… seriously I do things like… pretend to get a call on my cell phone… literally run away and go hide in the bathroom.

  • csandreas 4 years ago

    Thank you.. I hope you found this educational lol

  • csandreas 4 years ago

    Any department store will do… What do you guys have?

    I mean you could do all this stuff some where else but it’s more fun to say that you took her some where out of the ordinary.

  • csandreas 4 years ago

    I mean yes take her out for a nice meal but after you eat tell her you want to go to target to grab something you need for tomorrow and instantly you’ve entered a virtual and literal playground. I really want people to do this haha…I took a date to Toys R us once and it was a fantastic time…

  • csandreas 4 years ago

    It’s not really supposed to be funny.. these are all actual things that I have done on dates and found success…

  • StayFlyStephanie 4 years ago

    i know this is supposed to be funny, but it’s so legit in a way. if the girl actually liked you, ya’ll would have fun no matter where you go. i mean taking her to target is probably not the best idea, but if something go wrong on the first date or it doesn’t go as planned, and you have a good time anyway you know she’s a keeper.

  • iLikePrograms 4 years ago

    I like the idea. We don’t have target in the UK so thats no good!
    Very important for a girl to have fun and a laugh, going out with someone who didn’t would be so boring!

  • shakeyohoneybuns 4 years ago

    I would actually enjoy going to target for a first date… it’s just so shiny! =]

  • nominee0 4 years ago

    lol if she don’t lile the laugh I stop talking to her like um ….yeah ….i’m gay priceless you should do a vid on how to brush a girl off

  • 2010Whip 4 years ago

    hilarious man lol