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First dates can be scary and there are common misconceptions about what makes for a great first date. John Iadarola and Lisa Ferguson are here to debunk some…



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  • MrJasonSchock 4 years ago

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    watching it. LMAO. just sharing.

  • leighanne gibson 4 years ago

    wow, just wow lol

  • xaxie1 4 years ago

    The Heck, this video just shows liberalism at its worst

  • ArtyBlackops 4 years ago

    ya and if i get married i shouldn’t censor my wallet from her under the idea she is only with me for financial stability but you know what. i should to keep me safe. No one wants a man or women that don’t do anything but stay at home. fuck if you don’t want to work and help out with the money don’t call yourself strong and independent and get out of my house. i want a women not a little kid or prostitute.

  • whocaresjusthadsex 4 years ago

    Lisa no…I want to pay for half…Jeez I’m not gonna leave him with the burden of the check; especially since I like to eat.

  • psychicbyinternet 4 years ago

    Do you have any actual evidence that men are paid less than women?

    Yes, I think we agree that people should split the cheque for dates most of the time.

  • Jonathan Weber 4 years ago

    Also, women choosing less dangerous or less ambitious jobs doesn’t have as much to do with “staying in the safe zone” necessarily. A woman can help provide for the family, or she can stay at home. She has that choice, and she keeps that choice in mind. “I don’t HAVE to be working this hard, so I’ll balance things out.”

    Men are more often considered the wallet of the family, and the family’s income is more often taken as a reflection of his competence. Fewer options, and more at stake.

  • Jonathan Weber 4 years ago

    I disagree. I don’t like the idea that she should have to censor her daily life under the idea of circumventing rapists. If I was to blame both, it would be on a societal level. If men are committing most of the rapes, and towards boys, not just women, then it isn’t so much an issue of misogyny as it is an issue of men’s mental health.

  • Jonathan Weber 4 years ago

    The gender pay gap was debunked a long time ago. And unmarried women now out-earn unmarried men. So it’s specifically those who are out dating.

    The more developed nations seem to have a clue. There’s a reason paying for yourself is called “going dutch”. And if I recall about Norway, taking a girl out to a fancy dinner, then paying for her, is considered over-the-top, and if she EXPECTS him to pay, he’d probably get up and leave. Over here, though, it’s misogyny for a girl to buy her own food.

  • Jonathan Weber 4 years ago

    Just pay, get over it?

    Imagine if guys started saying “Just make me a sandwich, get over it.”

    I wouldn’t mind paying if I’m the one who asked, if she didn’t expect me to be the one to make the offer in the first place.

    But the fact that I’m supposed to “be the man” and ask her out, then “You’re supposed to pay because YOU asked ME out.” That’s just insulting. Not sure if it’s more insulting towards men, or towards other women.

  • Shareallicu 4 years ago

    I agree with Rick. Dinner is not awkward. The pauses can be filled with eating food and I think that pauses are healthy in a conversation anyway; even a first date.

  • Shareallicu 4 years ago

    You’re wrong. I like to pay my own bills!

  • LegoDaleks 4 years ago

    I don’t like make-up, but Lisa’s eye-shadow looks AMAZING! And it even goes really well with her lipstick, her shirt, her necklace & even the background & foreground colours.

  • ArtyBlackops 4 years ago

    the way women act, dress and if they are drunk, plays a role.*

  • ArtyBlackops 4 years ago

    the thing is i blame both not just the women. the way women act dress, drunk.(easy pray) it all plays a role dosnt mean they guy had to rape her. and for getting circumcised as a baby is not always the case. ya but men as shown as morons, always about sex and destructive. women are shown as the voice of reason in media. women don’t get payed the same because they stay in the safe zone and don’t put them self out more.( mostly on dangerous jobs) don’t get me on wage gaps.

  • psychicbyinternet 4 years ago

    Whenever men are circumcised they are babies and they don’t remember it. Also, rape is not caused by the outfit you wear. That is a common misconception. It can happen in any outfit and it is usually done by someone you know. Also, how could you blame a rape on the victim instead of the rapist, as if they deserve it just because they are wearing a certain outfit?  That is fucked up. The media is much more sexist to women. Men are the main characters in films much more often.

  • psychicbyinternet 4 years ago

    That’s all pretty petty stuff you are arguing; you could have argued with worse stuff, like the fact that if a man gets raped he is more likely to be ridiculed and ignored if he tells anyone. If women got paid equally to men and given the same career opportunities, then no gender would be looked at as the poor gender and therefore most dates they would split the cheque. Women are also circumcised but that happens when they are young girls and without anaesthetic (not when they are babies).

  • ArtyBlackops 4 years ago

    we may get payed more but if we have a female in our lives and she expect us to pay more because we are a man, she barely pays for anything, who do you think will have more money? we have to get circumcised. ya i know females get raped but they don’t see the outfits that they have on, kinda irresponsible. ya they give birth, that’s just how females was made. its normal. ya feminist been discriminating men for the longest and look at the media, men looking stupid.

  • psychicbyinternet 4 years ago

    I’ve always thought paying for the girl was kind of dumb. It seems to be one of those old traditions that just catches and stays because it’s not horribly offensive to anyone, but it’s nevertheless outdated. Another example would be taking the guy’s name when you get married. Both of these are almost subtly sexist because you are assuming the woman doesn’t have any money or you are paying her for sex and with the marriage thing it’s basically taking the woman’s identity (her name).

  • psychicbyinternet 4 years ago

    More rights in general? Better pay? Sex doesn’t hurt the first time? Don’t have to go through childbirth? Less likely you’ll be raped? Less likely you’ll be discriminated against?

  • Mizter Sinister 4 years ago


  • AntitheistPOV 4 years ago

    You’re very good at responding without actually responding. Must be an acquired talent for someone who spends so much time missing the point.

  • Mizter Sinister 4 years ago

    Incorrect! Not the first time I’m uncaring of a assumption!

  • AntitheistPOV 4 years ago

    Not the first time something has gone over your head. Certainly not the last.

  • Mizter Sinister 4 years ago


  • AntitheistPOV 4 years ago

    Yet another Freudian slip. Careful, your personality is starting to show.

  • Mizter Sinister 4 years ago

    No, women who want men to pay for everything are whores!

  • Paul Doughty 4 years ago

    i dont like taking a girl to dinner on the first date as some people don’t like eating in front of new people. but the moviescinema is a terribel idea in my eyes for the reasons stated in the video, best first date ive ever been on was an walk through some woods and fields.

  • AntitheistPOV 4 years ago

    No child birth, no menstrual cycle, higher pay, more chance for career advancement, more variance in career opportunity, physically stronger and so on and so forth.

    It’s easy to ignore the advantages you have because you’re used to having them.

  • AntitheistPOV 4 years ago

    If I ask a girl out, I expect to pay. However, it really irritates me when women just assume I’ll pay. It’s nice for someone to offer, even though I have no intention of not paying.

  • AntitheistPOV 4 years ago

    You’re saying the women you “date” want direct payment to endure your company?

    Those Freudian slips.

  • Jacob Asghar 4 years ago

    John, what are our advantages as guys?

  • Mizter Sinister 4 years ago

    fucking whores

  • R Yokoe 4 years ago

    Are you going to even address the journal I posted? There is a red X at the corner of the screen if you don’t want to debate properly any more.

  • cuicksand 4 years ago

    get your lady friend to pronuonce the funny swedish names

  • ca9109 4 years ago

    lol when she is my girlfriend she will still be splitting the cost most of the time. 

  • TheWolf805 4 years ago

    Whoooo mc Donald’s lol Jk

  • MrVikingRaider 4 years ago

    Is the background picture Billie piper?

  • Madd Lawgick 4 years ago

    I hope your gf also pays for all those things as well otherwise you would still be playing the part of the fool.

  • Bob Sponge 4 years ago

    But men and women are equal. Shouldn’t whoever asked for the date to pay?

  • Statisticsization 4 years ago

    I don’t want men to pay for me on a date. I would feel like a prostitute.

  • TechAstonish 4 years ago

    or after?