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Want to make a good first impression on that first date? No? F*** you! But if you do, Nikki and Will have the hacks to make it a memorable first date. SUBSCR…



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  • KittyBox meows 3 years ago

    On the subject of Will….he really has taken a razor to those eyebrows,
    the close-up proved that.

  • KittyBox meows 3 years ago

    I like Will….you have a good onscreen chemistry with him.

  • fishthoughtful 3 years ago

    Much as I like to root for Will, there’s too many slip ups: where’s your
    comeback to ‘you should probably move’ or ‘this date isn’t going so well’
    and when Nikki gets up you act like a pussywhipped doofus (proper reaction:
    ‘well the movie isn’t over’ and DOESN’T GET UP!). btw why is Nikki wearing

  • 2011super 3 years ago

    Nikki is like a female bro…with a penis.

  • Daily ReHash 3 years ago