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It's time to head out for that first date! Outside of what to wear and the venue, you might be a little bit nervous around what to talk about. Here are some …



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  • Sweetgirl1980 4 years ago

    awesome video!!!!

  • tinalilith 4 years ago

    Great tips! However, based on my experience, one great topic to talk about in order to gain some quick insight on the first date is pet peeves. You can keep it light-hearted and ask them playfully, “so… what really annoys you?” The answer to that gives you some clues about their personality/psychological tendencies… and if they say they don’t have any pet peeves, stay way from them lol They’re trying to come across as nice, which contradicts the number one rule of dating: honesty.

  • MrAndygirlforlife 4 years ago

    work it girl!!!

  • Michaeloflaw 4 years ago

    what did you and kapiel talk about on your first date? i am sure astrology all the wayyyy… haha.. 

  • MsZincman 4 years ago

    i ususally talk about them. Women love it when all the attention of the conversation is on them.

  • ravisuryaify 4 years ago

    very well said miss….

  • amazingyummy2 4 years ago

    Yay!! Was hoping you would make another video!!