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  • cerverg 3 years ago

    Phaha “go to the mall and bla bla…” it’s not that easy. I’ve been there
    done that… Most “normal girls” in the PH think that if you look like
    american you are in the PH for the bar girls and just fuck around.I don’t
    blame them probably they are sick and tired of kinky western guys. Only the
    “escorts” and the hookers will be interested in you if you just start
    talking to them. In Manila if you look American everybody taxi drivers,
    hotel staff, shops …(even the homeless guys) are trying to advertise some
    bar with “pretty girls” . 

  • kmcl11 3 years ago

    Here is a warning. they are babies and will not be around when things are
    going tough.

  • Master Hughes 3 years ago

    Check out my video on Philippine girls I have stopped more crimes by
    Philippine girls than any advocate in the U.S.

  • a080312 3 years ago

    Excellent videos, very enlightening. I plan to visit the Philippines next
    winter for three months (first time). Might it be worthwhile to start
    making contacts online maybe 4 to 6 months before the trip? My goal is to
    have many local contacts available to me when I arrive, and know as much
    about them as I can (particularly their appearance). But limiting the time
    I spend on each one before we meet. What if I said in my online ad or
    initial contact: “no commitment before we’ve met in person, I’m no one’s
    virtual boyfriend, and don’t contact me if you’ve got a boyfriend, husband,
    kids, or you’re looking for money.” Could I then avoid some of the pitfalls
    described here? Also I would ask for her phone number to see if she’s
    serious, and call her once before the trip. I’m thinking avoid the skype,
    or just chat with her once and tell her I rarely use it. And then block
    her, of course.

    As for all the texting, what if you just never send a text in the first
    place? Why open that can of worms, just call them or leave an e-mail asking
    them to call you. Could that work? I’m 48 and not rich, and while I’m in
    good shape for my age it’s hard to imagine I’m going to just show up there
    without any preparation and have all these girls at my feet. But I’d really
    like to believe it…

    If is free, is there any point in paying for FilipinoCupid?
    Are there any other good ones to recommend? Also, is Davao City the best
    for someone looking for a (relatively) smoke-free environment? I heard
    there are nice beaches nearby too.

  • Michael cpoker 3 years ago

    why did u move to phillippines

  • PartyTravelSexLove 3 years ago

    Great video. I’ve never done the dating sites but probably will now.

  • Iron Phoenix 3 years ago

    A maniac with all my money Lol:)

  • ElSatore 3 years ago

    Haha so true. They WILL text you anytime…

  • Romalyn Villanueva 3 years ago

    Hi, I am your 4,110th subscriber. I love all your videos that I already
    watched and I’m not able to watch all of them yet, but I’m planning to. I
    am so impressed with all your information, very informative. I commend you
    for taking all the effort in sharing all these facts about Filipinas, the
    facts about them as a whole. Awesome job, keep it up. 

  • Theyspy Theylie 3 years ago

    Sleep is over rated.

  • marvie mamba 3 years ago

    very nice henry very interesting, I and my fiancee from Australia got to
    know each other through dating site and we haven’t meet yet but this august
    he will come to Philippines to meet me, and we’re both thank you so much
    for your daily work, your uploaded my fiancee just check it and watch all
    information from it thanks again god bless you always

  • Thalia DaCosta 3 years ago

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  • LifeBeyondTheSea - Philippines 3 years ago

    Part 3 of 3.. Making use of Filipina Dating websites, tips and precautions.

  • Estela Marie 3 years ago

    I appreciate some of your opinions but beg to disagree on some as
    well…Honestly, I am proud of our Filipino traits, talents, strength and
    beauty….it is just a pity that our country is as they labeled ‘third
    world country’…a pity that we cannot choose the land of our birth, where
    we can maximize and best utilize our potentials…Filipinos are very
    competitive and can excel global standards if given the opportunity.
    Our love for family has always been our driving force…to work abroad, to
    do odd and unglamourous jobs even if we attained masteral degree or work double jobs….even to the point of dating wanted and
    unwanted men…..we love our family so much that we can sacrifice anything
    and everything…..we love our family so much….that we can become good
    wives..that is why.we are one of the best mothers on this earth…Like in
    any other nations, our people is also a mixture of good and not so good
    human beings..but a good percentage of Filipino women, or generally
    speaking, we can be the best partners one could ever ask for…that is in
    all aspects of being one…
    In regard to helping our family, perhaps, this is because we are a race of
    generous givers…we cannot love without giving..we cannot sleep in comfort
    and luxury thinking that our loved ones on the other side of the globe do
    not have enough and not necessarily as much..not because they are lazy and
    parasites…but because they are not in the land of opportunities that you
    happened to be blessed with.
    American dream???? why not???? Filipinos died for America….the innocent
    ‘pinoys’ died in the hands of America’s World War enemies….Other
    nationalities have American dreams….but it is my opinion, that we deserve
    more than just to dream because long time ago…we pledged allegiance to

    It is time to park now….Just LIVE AND LET LIVE….if you want to meet
    Filipinas…it is up to you to take the RISK….but one favor
    please…..DON”T JUDGE THESE WOMEN… don’t know what they’ve been
    through ……

  • Eric Peters 3 years ago

    hi, iv been talking to a lovely woman in cebu, and we clicked, she has had
    a shit time and me to. she has never asked for money or anything like that
    and we have been very strait with each other. she is coming here to me in
    may, to help me in my biss, and we will be dating. we were in the right
    place at the right time. e.

  • aryan ram 3 years ago

    I met Filipino girl on Fbook since 11 Dec 2013, she is nice and kind, and
    I am planning to go Philippine on01st April 2014 to marry her, she is very
    nice and she says she love me and I also love her. she never ask me for
    anything, so am sure she is not from the spammers girls. pray for me please

  • Luis Quimson 3 years ago

    Would that more expats coming over to the P.I. are as much a gentleman as
    you are sir…good vid.

  • yousuckreal 3 years ago

    You were right. I checked out the site, then joined,many friendly women on
    there that are nice unlike American Princesses. May get me a foreign wife
    after all,worth a shot. I’m partial to dark haired women anyways.

  • Filip Thai 3 years ago

    Ok mr. Foreigner i will give you the best advice so you want to marry
    filipina come to the philippines get to know people and your way around
    then stay close to where the schools and universities make friends” and i
    mean friend with college students or grads tell them your life make them
    understand your situation don’t impress them with what you have in the
    states or other country instead get to know on personal level they will
    appreciate you that way.

  • letzrockexpress 3 years ago

    Excellent series on dating a filipina. I watched all three.

  • LifeBeyondTheSea - Philippines 3 years ago

    Doing what I can so guys can really enjoy everything that’s here in the PH.

  • jonesgerard 3 years ago

    You can end up in jail, adultery is a criminal offense. 14 yr sentence to
    an English guy, you do NOT want to see jails there. Heres a rivet ting Ntl
    Geographic documentary. Be careful. watch?v=MRUIJx-02lI

  • LifeBeyondTheSea - Philippines 3 years ago

    ha! I’ll have to hide my bachelor card in a safe place. 🙂

  • R. Goetze 3 years ago

    It´s true. First go there … then chat on a dating site…and meet the
    same day. Collected experiences some years before during several long time
    stays in different parts of the country. And learn to speak Tagalog BEFORE
    you go there… But the first months better make living on your own and
    look around staying single..

  • LifeBeyondTheSea - Philippines 3 years ago

    The adultery charge can be press against either the husband or the wife,
    whichever is cheating. But only the husband or wife can press the charges,
    not some family member or anyone else. Also, if the accused can prove that
    their own spouse has likewise been cheating, the case can be thrown out.
    For this reason, the private eye business is abundant and cheap here. Keep
    in mind an unemployed wife isn’t about to send her cheating (bread-winner)
    husband to jail, so usually it’s the men cheating.