Added by on December 18, 2013 – Thinking of meeting a wonderful Filipina online? Timing is everything! Here are some tips on how to best make use of the si…



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  • Authenictruthoid 4 years ago

    I well NEVER EVER use ANY kind of dating site on line no matter what
    country ! In person or nothing has always been my thing . It’s more fun
    that way because you then know were you stand right at that moment. Plus if
    the phone number IS real. Then you know she does likes & trusts you !

  • LifeBeyondTheSea - Philippines 4 years ago

    I plan to eventually cover as much of Bohol as I can.. both the known
    tourist areas and the locally known cool spots. 🙂

  • Patricia Zimmermann 4 years ago

    I’m glad that you are doing a lot of vids on Bohol. When I was looking
    around where to retire in the Philippines, I came across with this
    beautiful island named Bohol, specially the island of Panglao. Such a
    pretty island. I grow up in the Phil. but not Bohol. I just think that
    Panglao is so unique, it doesn’t look fully developed and not so crowded
    either. I imagine that it is a nice and quiet area to settle. Can’t wait to
    see it. Please post more videos of Panglao and Bohol, love to see them.

  • Raiza Magan 4 years ago

    I hope I could fine one

  • Raiza Magan 4 years ago


  • Geno X 4 years ago

    80% Philippina response compared to 2% from american gals? No wonder so
    many american women are single!

  • Tom D 4 years ago

    Can just jump to a conclusion on a single evaluation. Hang in there Geno
    life does not always move in straight lines.