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Part two coming soon (end of August or September 2013).



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  • BurnAssDaveAss 4 years ago

    More then this there is women who use datin sites to rip men off who are in us and have no intention but to get free dates to free items etc seen it happen

  • BurnAssDaveAss 4 years ago

    There’s allot my advice meet someone in person

  • john reardon 4 years ago

    when I broke up with my x she made 30 or 40 profiles of sexy girls… just to talk to me…….I knew the whole time….how crazy is that?

  • Steven Acosta 4 years ago

    Watch for the fake profiles who are “beautiful attractive women”…sometimes they are POF moderators. yes, I have had this happen quite often. Much like the POF moderators who scout videos such as this. There is one in the comments 😉

  • loretta wilson 4 years ago

    so is Tons of fakes.

  • vulgarmachine2 4 years ago

    People seem to forget a golden rule with online dating. If something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Aim for your level or lower and you won’t be disappointed. Plus don’t go in with an assumption that you’ll meet “the one.”

  • Logan800 4 years ago

    man look this chick looks like a 12 year old boy man. Try getting a woman that looks like one, you know big ass nice tits and small waistline. Just look at her. and you wonder why women say us men are pedos.

  • dax2321 4 years ago

    is that the girl from dr who

  • otherbrain 4 years ago

    You can’t fool me: she’s a Barbie doll android!!

  • Steven Acosta 4 years ago

    PS: Nice tatt.

  • Steven Acosta 4 years ago

    POF often rips photos from Facebook and dead myspace profiles. I had a FB friend who even had her pic used to generate a fake profile (by the site).

  • Steven Acosta 4 years ago

    Guys will always outnumber women there…I had that similar problem you describe about not messaging back soon enough. My mate who owns a gym (he is reasoably built, and good looking (non homo) ) never messaged any woman, but he would get around 50-70 messages a day. If he didn’t reply fast enough, he would get abused, called shallow, pig, all the lines. Even had women telling him they would report his profile! I know where you are coming from 🙂

  • kochirakoso 4 years ago

    Part of the problem is that people go for people who are physically what society might look at as, “out of their league.”(girls too) I personally am not being vain or shallow, I do not consider myself or anyone else to be out of each other’s league, that’s not fair, but realistically that’s what happens. Everyone messeges someone who looks very physically attractive, and those people whose profiles are real are going to cherry-pick the people who contact them. It’s sad, but that’s what happens.

  • kochirakoso 4 years ago

    That’s true, but girls also get swamped with messages on POF and can’t possibly respond to them all. I used to use POF and I tried to be nice and respond to everyone but I was getting roughly 100 messages or more per day. I ended up removing my profile because I couldn’t keep up with everyone there, and if I didn’t respond soon enough guys would get mad at me. You can’t really just accept every guy who messages you, the guys out-number the girls.

  • Mahmudul Huq 4 years ago

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  • Michael Gregory 4 years ago

    plenty of zombies. com 

  • A Russell 4 years ago

    I’ve seen this girls pictures on my facebook newsfeed. I thought she was British? Anyway she definitely isn’t in her 20s. Just goes to show they’re some weird people out there.

  • thomas pirics 4 years ago

    If it looks to good it is!!!

  • TheGreatObie1 4 years ago

    Hey Kenny Lohman how was the Special Olympics, I heard your brother got gold congratulations. I guess your whole family are a bunch of retarded losers. I’m still following you 🙂

  • Brett Slater 4 years ago

    The comments kinda weird me out lol. Good job!! Great!!! Spot on!!! I love it!!! A++++++!!!! Awesome!!!! Lol WTF is going on here

  • simon schendel 4 years ago

    why did you remove my profile?
    this is an adult site for adults yes?
    there is two excuses you removed my profile:
    1 women don’t accept hello, how are you, my name is simon, i live in chingford!
    2 women don’t accept my favourite food is indian chinese and arabian ONLY!
    3 women don’t accept my favourite animals are rabbits, gerbils and pond fish!
    4 women don’t accept my soldier is erect and stands up infront of your photo to salute you!
    PLENTY OF FISH please tell me why you removed me, thankyou!

  • Steven Acosta 4 years ago

    Coincidence? I think not.
    Alternatively, save the pic to your pc, then upload that pic to tineye, it wil lcheck for you on the uploaded pic.

  • John Adams 4 years ago

    I think POF chnaged the way they do things. I could not do the righ click copy image thing to google. it seems to work on othe rsites though. Now I know at least why i never got resopnses hardly ever

  • Steven Acosta 4 years ago

    The women (that ARE real) on POF have been brainwashed to believe that because they are on a public dating website, that they are princesses and entitled to do the things they complain that men do. The’re allowed to reject anyone freely because they are told to “Never settle for less”. But if a man rejects ANY woman on there he is labelled “shallow pig”, then is reported and his profile removed!

    Women there think they are all that, as LWire stated, because they KNOW the site is in THEIR favour.

  • Doug Kaboom 4 years ago

    Out of 10 profiles, 8 will be fake, the other 2 are real and the girls are very far from attractive! Dates come in spurts and normally close together! Just gotta remember for every real girl on the site, there are 1000’s of guys approaching her “if she’s attractive”

  • Kenny Lohman 4 years ago

    Women on pof are fake. They think theyre all that.

  • Steven Acosta 4 years ago

    I feel your pain, bro.

  • nino zazzarino 4 years ago

    ive been on both sites pof and date hookup and recieved no e mails if your even thinking on joining good luck everyone that I know has had no luck either

  • Zavier Marston 4 years ago

    I was in love with a girl who worked next to me for about two years, but I had a very hard time getting the courage to ask her out every time she would come into my workplace on her breaks. I was pretty certain she’d reject me because I’m not anything like those attractive guys. My third date with her is tonight. Do you want to know how I achieved this? Check out my channel and find the link I have posted.

  • tonkrogerio 4 years ago

    Thanx dude. Do you also have a video for which sites you would advise? I’m currently trying to get to meet new people but finding it impossible because of all these fake accounts :/

  • ThePhiliplam 4 years ago

    You are just too amazing…

  • Salat Kill 4 years ago

    coooooooooool i like it

  • ronun messi 4 years ago

    Perfect, Perfect, Perfect!!

  • prosi rinmi 4 years ago


  • SiebenHerr 4 years ago


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  • charly84111 4 years ago

    LOVED THEM!! thank you so much