Added by on April 2, 2014 Make sure you don't make this mistake when trying to make an eye contact with a woman! Meet hot, sexy girls and attractive wome…



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  • CellarDoor2806 3 years ago

    is it only me that’s more attracted to contemplative and reserved guys
    rather than dickheads?

  • Zakaria Hysoka 3 years ago

    This is so useful

  • calfan3 3 years ago

    hahah IM A BEAST

  • jonjon72886 3 years ago

    @JoeCaliforniah LMAOO!!!!!!!!!

  • achillesculaj95 3 years ago

    All you really need is good looks.

  • fredguy2 3 years ago

    @MrHav1k welcome to the land of the oppressed. Also why don’t women hit on
    men? what happened to that equal rights movement and empowerment? Oh That’s
    right they empower themselves to take half of a man’s wealth.

  • Luis Someguy 3 years ago

    She is probably a bitch anyway HAHAH

  • messerJ4H 3 years ago

    @Deadpool534 You win. I depends. It doesn’t always mean that she’s

  • zsofi1234 3 years ago

    im a girl and i dont want to be the one who looks away first i think its
    cuter if the guy looks kinda nervous but not too nervous cos it shows he
    cares. better if u stare into each others eyes for a second and then both
    look away and then walk up to her and be respectful not cocky

  • INTPmetalfan 3 years ago

    I am almost 40 and just learning this stuff… Brutal. The comment before
    mine is right, when you improve your inner self it all gets easier. Good

  • SC86Canuck 3 years ago

    I hate myself for having to search out videos and advice like this…I am
    such a crappy human…i guess… sometimes i find it very odd that we
    humans are the smartest living organisms on this planet, but the one thing
    that we can’t understand is the opposite sex

  • vinespin 3 years ago

    I was 26 when I found this out, how messed up is that? This is the kind off
    stuff you should learn in school. I’m serious, If you have social training
    eye contact never comes up. The sad thing is, guys usually look away
    because they are friendly and don’t want to invade their space, they don’t
    wan to be rude.

  • Macnavor 3 years ago

    @XxSSjUltimatexX tell her she reminded you to someone you knew and if she
    can give you workout tips!

  • Dating Tips For Men 3 years ago

    Thank you, there are some very good tips here and it makes my life so much

  • dezmpo 3 years ago

    im a girl and i find these videos funny to watch!

  • Rafael L. Smith 3 years ago

    @hereltch bahahahahahaahhahahahaha

  • Deadpool534 3 years ago

    @messerJ4H yeah i don’t think she likes me. Plus i saw her smiling at
    someone else so i’m screwed lol

  • Macnavor 3 years ago

    @Scorpiusgrl I know no matter how hot a women is I take consideration for
    her space spacially before knowing her I see her not with voracity lol but
    more with admiration……..I admire her curves her eyes the way she
    getsnervous and then just talk like we have time for share!

  • akashashen 3 years ago

    Anyone else picturing, “What are you staring at, Creep!?”

  • Good Ship Venus 3 years ago

    If you have a voice like Mr. Chekov off Star Trek, also not a good thing.

  • Waka Mildon 3 years ago

    “thank you” haha your welcome

  • btyremanable 3 years ago

    o.k I’ll try that, thanks for the advice sir

  • Grace Adu 3 years ago

    LOL 😉

  • mseifer 3 years ago

    @Maximus25N you are fucked then…..

  • Tomáš Pecák 3 years ago

    @Gaara1555 Well, I wouldn’t call that a “problem” 😀

  • USERCRETE 3 years ago

    @dezmpo Nothing better than a womans opinion… hahaha Καλα απο ολη τη Γη
    τοσο κοντα πεσαμε ? χαχαχα

  • kingjones3000 3 years ago

    Yea well i lost mine

  • kipkayify 3 years ago

    @DemonosZXZ Nah, it’s human psychology.

  • USERCRETE 3 years ago

    @dezmpo does he says the truth? :p

  • datingwomensex 3 years ago

    Women judge your strength through simple things like eye contact. She wants
    to submit to a strong man. If you start off bad and submit to her, she will
    not want you.

  • xBaRtHeZ 3 years ago

    It works. Thanks dude!

  • tren979797 3 years ago

    Some women feel threatened or intimidated by overzealous eye contact,,,know
    when to look away and dont stare. Be natural

  • qwertj1 3 years ago

    hahaha funniest shit ever!

  • hardToSignUpHere 3 years ago

    i like sexy time!

  • Rab carn 3 years ago

    true also you got to be young or old with loads of money but generally the
    women like young guys instead.

  • xAutumnKiss 3 years ago

    u sound like my ap environmental teacher… =xx

  • Enis Yigit 3 years ago

    Is it okay to break eye contact after 10 minutes of staring into each
    other’s eyes?

  • thanks so much, this is probably best advice I heard for those all
    important first impressions.

  • LongJohn Vllasaliu 3 years ago

    this is what I do in the club: girl look at me, I look at her, she looks
    away, I vanish… she will somewhat miss me believe it or not…. what I
    did when I vanished was that while she was looking away, I was actually
    just chaning position… I observe her, and if she scans arround to find me
    and finds me and locks in with her eyes on me, then I make a move… and
    fuck buying girls drinks its just a waste of money

  • epsilon8998 3 years ago

    @JoeCaliforniah and when did the sexual harassment case happen?

  • flamecolumn 3 years ago

    He’s right..but he left out the most important part. If you make eye
    contact with a woman and there is mutual interest you have to get up right
    then and approach. If you keep making and breaking eye contact with a woman
    repeatedly then you have already shown her what you are… weak, hesitant,
    unsure of yourself, possibly a creep. Just naturally get up off your bar
    stool and casually but confidently approach.

  • akashashen 3 years ago

    @HipsterEatinShark That’s why he has to master staring.

  • dezmpo 3 years ago

    @USERCRETE πράγματι, οι Έλληνες είμαστε παντού! 🙂

  • Hoàng Nam Lâm 3 years ago

    My freakish uncle managed to make the hottest pole dancer there is in my
    town fall for him because he ran the Cupid Love System (Google it). It’s
    bad but I wish I was joyful for him but I dream a stunning individual would
    fall in love with me like that. I’m really envious. Does that make me a
    terrible human being?

  • MrHav1k 3 years ago

    @dezmpo BECAUSE YOU HAVE A FUCKING VAGINA I’m done. Fucking sluts don’t
    understand. Goddamn feminist entitled attitude of bitches these days.

  • Shailesh Kala 3 years ago

    eye contact making problem wil not arise if u really happy by your
    heart………if u really interested in meeting someone u will give your
    100 % attention to him or her then it doesnt even come to your mind where
    to see in eyes or in face…u just concentrate on he or her is
    saying….hope my opinion will help u