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  • Jason Powell 3 years ago

    Hey I advocate women following the “Rules” just to cut down on the amount
    of ratchedness out there. Females out there are thirsty and acting like it.
    Send them a free copy of the original!

  • David Batten 3 years ago

    What about Trading standards?? This book doesn’t work they are both single
    mothers divorced and the other never married ?????

  • David Batten 3 years ago

    How can these two Gits have the audacity to continue their preaching on how
    to find a perfect man by Lying to men all the time by the method of their
    Rules Book. When the truth is, both these women are now single mothers. One
    divorced and one never got married. They both have a daughter each who have
    now released a book called The New Rules. This is idiotic advice and causes
    single motherhood and divorce.

  • David Batten 3 years ago

    And how can a women come across like a ‘Creature Unlike any other CUAO’, if
    she is going to behave exactly the same as all the other millions of women
    who have read this book and act it out. All I see in my town is the Thicko
    women behave like this. They push honest men away and it’s only the men who
    Bullsh*t them back that get the fake women. It all ends in single mother
    hood and fickle relationships = Obvouse.