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Im not very good at giving advice, but this is the best I had. If you have any questions about the tips, feel free to ask me!! Btw, have you watched Miss Waw…



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  • Sera Clayman 3 years ago

    first horrid tips for both girls and boys. second proper grammar idiot

  • KhizarJC Rox 3 years ago

    this is what i did and it fkin works. thanks <3

  • Michelle Enders 3 years ago

    Well not trying to be a bitch but I honestly think u could have better tips
    then this I’ve been dating my boyfriend for 8 months and 3 days so I’m a
    little more experienced and I’m in high school so yeah k thanks bye

  • jake400232 3 years ago

    The tips for the girls was really bad. A girl should not have to change in
    any way they should be themselves

  • Brian Miranda 3 years ago

    Holy fuck are you 5 you can’t even spell right

  • VeronicToast 3 years ago

    I feel this was made by someone rather young.

  • sexypupylove 3 years ago


  • nathan escamilla 3 years ago

    @Takiiee shes wither trying to get ur attention or tell u sumthin O.O

  • Paige Catchpole 3 years ago

    Wretch 32 Ft. Josh Kumra – Don’t Go and Example – Kickstarts are perfect
    songs to this video, played them in the background and fits in awesome 🙂

  • Katie Larson 3 years ago

    Guys Like It When Girls Are Wild And Silly Around Them . Its Most Girls
    Personallity . Boys Are Usually Dorks WIth Us . <3

  • 0AceOfSpades00 3 years ago

    this is complete bullshit… you shouldnt change someone you like so why
    should you alllow them to change you?

  • poppie forster 3 years ago

    Thx using this made my boyfriend and all my friends break up with me you
    are a cunt

  • Takie 3 years ago

    It’s like I feel that she doesn’t like me But some of my friend say that
    she does Is the behaviour of her suitable? If you have any answers for my
    questions please say so and let me know if the relationship is going well
    And yeah, I kinda myself feel that she loves me but doesn’t show it

  • Devital Vivi 3 years ago

    Not true if a guy looks at ur looks forget about him dnt change just to
    impress him be urself

  • shanesarnac 3 years ago

    Miss Wawanakwa, your tips are good, only they are good tips for getting a
    boyfriend or girlfriend. You didn’t discuss what you should do once you are
    together. Also, there’s only one tip I think you should discard entirely:
    you should never change for anyone. If you feel that you can’t be yourself
    with someone, then that someone isn’t the right person for you, no matter
    how much you like him or her. For another quick tip for your video, check
    your spelling and grammer; it’s distracting

  • beastwarrior369 3 years ago

    Ok so this girl just asked me out but idk how to respond and she also rides
    my bus so if I sit by her me and my friends will be splitting apart and
    plus what should I talk about on the bus bcuz in the morning im really
    tired ‘n’ stuff !! D;

  • Scott MacDonald 3 years ago

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    became outstanding with a lot of women. He found the Master Attraction site
    (Lookup in Google) by Jake Ayres. Now I hear him bringing women back. He’s
    constantly bringing the ladies back and I can’t help but hear it. It’s
    disgusting and I wish he never discovered that site. My closest friend is
    getting laid now too coz of that site.

  • scoop le poop 3 years ago

    i cant focus with no music!

  • Christianboudraux 3 years ago

    I’ve already don ths and it’s been 6 months already

  • R.J Pandey 3 years ago

    You know that demoralizing event when your nephew (who’s been a loser
    always, incidentally) gets an amazing woman to fall in love with him in
    like 3 weeks? God, that basically occurred. I am aware I ought to think
    well done, but I would prefer if it was me. He said he learned from the
    Cupid Love System (Google it). I would like to hide inside a cave at this

  • Melissa Vasquez 3 years ago

    or u can just be yourself ?

  • Takie 3 years ago

    Not good Like seriously, i’m Indian And not that good I’m too shy and I
    already asked her out when we were swimming I’m only 13 and have too much
    to say to her I’ve been her friend from 2 months and already asked out
    yesterday but she already knew that I liked her or still love her I love
    her alot and yeah, she makes me jealous all the time, like holding some
    other guy’s hand or something She’s a total perv; no doubt And yeah, I love
    her a lot Please tell me if it is the very right way o_o

  • Takie 3 years ago

    She’s actually the first girl whom I ever loved in my life And i’m not that
    interactive with girls; i’m too shy o_o

  • VeronicToast 3 years ago

    I disagree with the asking out on a date thing for girls. It’s an arduous
    thing to do and it would help if girls did it 50/50 with guys. Preconceived
    notions say that the guy always does the asking out, and takes control of
    the relationship. It shouldn’t be like that. It’s not an equal relationship.

  • ryan meza 3 years ago

    Some music would be nice… Or pre written slides so we can pause and read
    not just rush through