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  • Said Bakr 2 years ago

    flirting means excessive praising

  • Klaus Steinermann 2 years ago

    Money That’s What I Want, stuff women gimme gimme gimme, me me me, sick of
    it…..Money That’s What I Want…..

  • Kerem Gunbulut 2 years ago

    hmm so thats why i lost my gf

  • marcuslesterarreola 2 years ago

    @megahozer13 WORRD

  • Coppulor 2 years ago

    @MrThunderlord84 WRONG. lots of women have no clue because their brains
    dont work logically. this women knows a lot more than most though.

  • JalilAnibaba6 2 years ago

    What is hovering? staying around?

  • starman1946 2 years ago

    You have beautiful hair………

  • SuperKILLERGNOME 2 years ago

    Damn the last one Is so true

  • Tommyve000 2 years ago

    very good! guys really listen to that!!!!

  • RtoojBntOmha 2 years ago

    Ur teeth…. they’re so white ;o

  • calabiyou 2 years ago

    i heart creeps

  • ScaredOfEvilClowns95 2 years ago

    @MrThunderlord84 i agree 🙂

  • Hoang Nguyen 2 years ago

    a girl i like kiss a boy, i feel emty

  • Antony Chalkley 2 years ago

    @MrThunderlord84 never new that would happen

  • RubHerSoul1 2 years ago

    1 simple rule. Girls pick men up. Period! They know they want you from the
    word go. You may be able to accelerate your chances by approaching them and
    playing all those silly games, but it’s like bragging about travelling to
    Mexico when you went through Canada to do it. Get my point? You just have
    to be around when lightning strikes. How many women bitch to you about how
    they can’t stand their boyfriends and still carry on fucking them? Wishing
    they could be more like you who they wont fuck

  • ir0nwarfare 2 years ago

    always guys having to up their game, improve their techniques, etc. how
    bout women pick up some slack, learn some manners, how to conversate and
    read or learn about something apart from bs, clothes n other trivialities.

  • Jacob Ellis 2 years ago

    its been like a year but what happened with that girl

  • MRkallek91 2 years ago

    what the heck, its like women know everything about this shit and we men
    dunno nothing? so why the fuck are the girls so stupid they dont get THAT
    in their head and give us a break when we are flirting with them? girls
    want too much!

  • Sir fap alot 2 years ago

    @MrThunderlord84 Actually women don’t know what they want.

  • smooth235 2 years ago

    Lol. Very vague advice

  • MrZplint 2 years ago

    ooohhh… i hope that’s sarcasm…

  • supersniper5011 2 years ago


  • Dee Boyy 2 years ago

    She looks like Mariah Carey in a way 😛 idk why 😛

  • Burned Priest 2 years ago

    @flygon3x2 Hahaha lol i think that works only in TV.Unless you’re Joey!

  • mega hozer 2 years ago

    dint want to offend just sayin

  • mega hozer 2 years ago

    most women are stupig thoug and expect for the guy to do all the work and
    you have to pay

  • Ismail Isse 2 years ago

    Ask a girl for an email adress wat do i look like..

  • bookclubforbooklover 2 years ago


  • timothy gehmann 2 years ago

    when is it a good tim to ask a gal for her number?

  • garbiis vybz 2 years ago

    this is stupid, and btw i watched this video because YEAH i need help.

  • Jakub Pawelczak 2 years ago

    @soulphly Dude… TIPS not rules

  • soccerdude2316 2 years ago

    i cant belive how sexy u r

  • MrAugustus 2 years ago

    this is stupid, she says nothing about aproaching girls

  • KeyMunna 2 years ago

    @datingwomensex Hey, Just wanted to ask you a question I had my first
    girlfriend this school year and we recently broke up. I think i might have
    been to hovery..Like, I would try to walk her to every class, is that a
    turn off?

  • soulphly 2 years ago

    Not everything you say is true. I infact find your over confidence a bit of
    a turn off. Every relationship is you should approach them in
    different ways. Some women like shy and occassionaly insecure men, My
    tip..dont take too much notice of these videos. Good looking guys have
    higher success rate with women even if they are complete arseholes, thats
    just the way of the, be a lot and if she doesnt
    like gone, move on!

  • SuperKILLERGNOME 2 years ago

    Da fuck it’s easy to get girls and it’s obvious is she Is interested like
    when she always smiles and sirs by u.

  • Hasanein Al-Kurdi 2 years ago

    Her plans seem very good, I think they’d work out if u really follow
    them….but of course not with all kind of girls!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rpgkingfull 2 years ago

    it rocks

  • Tony Montresor 2 years ago

    I honestly have no idea what the fuck you’re trying to say.

  • datingwomensex 2 years ago

    @DuecesTreys Yes she thinks your desperate. Let her go and find another

  • AKon Baker 2 years ago

    great great video