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  • JURASSIC7MASTER 4 years ago

    To the dead/dying man: Dude, go out Medal of Honour style. I mean go full rage and go fight the talibans or something. I would buy a gun and go kill talibans or terrorists

  • MrMatesMan 4 years ago

    I feel sorry for him

  • swiftr16 4 years ago

    Wood wood wood wood wood wood wood wood wood wood

  • OutSideTheBoxGamer 4 years ago

    same here i just come for one thing half the time but then i end up killing more time so it kinda works out in the end

  • Tyler Murray 4 years ago

    I wish there would be more people as confident as the first person

  • yoyoman0708 4 years ago

    i hope he is still alive

  • MiyaZakiProductions 4 years ago

    I need a guy like you in every video

  • mushtaq padda 4 years ago

    Right. I’m pissed. My nephew lives above me. I’m pissed because he just became extraordinary at attracting ladies. He found the Master Attraction web page by Jake Ayres (Look in Google). Now I hear him bringing women back. He’s consistently having the ladies back and I can’t help but hear it, which is gross. If only he had not found that site. I’m green with envy!

  • Chris Bona 4 years ago


  • mikeguitar41 4 years ago

    I too was in tears during the first message… Death is so unexpected, it can come anytime and that is why you gotta make every day worth living. Never stop, move forward.

  • rkraiem100 4 years ago

    Funny thing is that generally when people make brownies together 90% of the time they dont end up eating it

  • Logan McFarland 4 years ago

    Cooking in general Is good

  • martin warrick 4 years ago


  • KupasGaming 4 years ago

    No one is probably gonna read this,
    I’m just gonna write it because at least ONE person will.
    I’m a new commentator, I know there’s like loads commentators on youtube.
    But I’m different, I promise that… If you give me a chance, I’ll show you.
    I? would love nothing more than to have a decent following on youtube.
    If anyone who reads? this could press the THUMBS UP so other people will see it?
    Just a button press could make my dream come true THANK YOU!

  • Eduardo Pulido 4 years ago

    Electric beater lol.

  • Truth x Lies 4 years ago

    No problem. Just trying to show you that there are people that do things differently.

  • John Wall 4 years ago

    ok your right. im a little old school so thats the way i think. im sorry.

  • Truth x Lies 4 years ago

    But there’s the thing, not all pledge their allegiance to the flag or bring a gift to a party. There are people outside the norm.

  • John Wall 4 years ago

    its common tradition. just like pledging the allegiance to the flag. or when you go to a party it is tradition to bring a gift

  • Truth x Lies 4 years ago

    Is there a law that says a man has to propose? No. Women are capable of doing it too even though its not the norm.

  • John Wall 4 years ago

    im not saying im all macho. im saying for as long as there has been humanity marriage has been between man and woman. and the MAN PROPOSES. little shit bag

  • Popat Panchat 4 years ago

    how about getting your masculine head out your masculine ass and see that women are completely capable of proposing just as much as men

  • Marco Bloom 4 years ago


  • John Wall 4 years ago

    your just too much of a bitch and dont have the balls to propose

  • Popat Panchat 4 years ago

    stupid motherfucker

  • CommandoandFAD 4 years ago

    Watch thats my boy with her

  • Skyler95Qc 4 years ago

    I, honestly, cried during this one… I don’t even.. Gosh.. :’/

  • falconkitty 4 years ago

    no it doesnt my friend got engaged by his girl and i dont think any less of him

  • Grumpier Faceman 4 years ago

    Control The Engagement!!! Best Proposal Ever ;)

  • willburr13 4 years ago

    well thats just depressing