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SOMEONE HELP ME PLS HLEP ME DD Digest 8/15 Got any builds for any NM maps? I'll FEATURE THEM ON MY CHANNEL 😀 Make them here and send th…



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  • TheYazeed22 3 years ago

    What you Have to kill xD ?? i’m cunvused xD

  • haschtekaschte 3 years ago

    wow no need to be rude…

  • CalvinDog100 3 years ago

    kk good to know

  • 8:21 FELLas haha

  • bornalive91 3 years ago

    its not right to go around telling people stuff if your not 100% sure if
    your not say i might be wrong but (insert here)

  • bornalive91 3 years ago

    honstly idc anymore all i was trying to piont out is that if your not 100
    perceant sure on something make sure you say that when your telling someone

  • oNightPineberries 3 years ago

    oooh. nono. I was busy yesterday. So I had to move it to tomorrow or
    monday. maybe D: Busy atm T^T

  • CalvinDog100 3 years ago

    good vid btw

  • KyonGamer 3 years ago

    I would help you on NM but it’s kinda fun to watch you fail

  • Spencer Crone 3 years ago

    i can help o. o

  • oNightPineberries 3 years ago

    What he said.

  • ikulity 3 years ago

    Why dont you use buff beams. Even with 0 stat ev you can double ur defense

  • j99dude 3 years ago

    not challenges

  • jerry rodriguez 3 years ago

    Wats ur name for league?

  • CalvinDog100 3 years ago

    hey onightpineberries u invited me to play with u buy it was midnight where
    i lived so sorry i could’nt come 🙁

  • noobinator6000 3 years ago

    so what your saying is before you say anything you have to go google it
    right? sorry i would’ve posted this earlier but i had to check if these
    letters look like this, if these letters exist, if these words make any
    sense and a bunch of other shit that nobody freaking does because its
    fucking stupid!

  • AshKetchup999 3 years ago

    i would help you but i dont have the dlc

  • bornalive91 3 years ago

    yes it does i dont own the halloween pack and my friend does but when he
    host it i can play it so fuck you

  • bornalive91 3 years ago

    ………………u dont need the dlc to play it as long as the host has
    the dlc you can play any lvl

  • bornalive91 3 years ago

    srry sick of peopel saying stuff with out takeing idk 3 min to google

  • thisguy081 3 years ago

    oh gosh those thing are girls

  • scorpius1543 3 years ago

    which video do u like the most on dungeon defenders

  • noobinator6000 3 years ago

    so because someone thinks something is right they are gonna go google it?