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Never forgot how beautiful and precious you are, and don't be afraid to want someone who will treat you right! Waiting on God to send the right person your way can be a frustrating time, it's true, but it definitely pays off!
Stay awesome,
Katie xo



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  • Katie Gregoire 2 years ago

    Hey everyone! New thought of the day: “Don’t date people you don’t like!”

  • Liam Weinert 2 years ago

    “Don’t date people you don’t like”
    No one show this video to my girlfriend. ;)

  • bauerbirds 2 years ago

    You are beautiful and very wise. lovely lovely lovely :)

  • Hi Katie! I seriously hope you are reading this. You have mentioned in some
    of your videos that you need to memorize scripture on a large scale and on
    a regular basis. How do you do that? I believe that God is telling me to
    know the bible better but where do I start???

  • Su-Ji C. 2 years ago

    I love this! Katie does such a good job explaining about this (And I must
    say, her singing voice is AMAZING!)

  • Rachel H 2 years ago


  • Tim Seneker 2 years ago

    Benched only 180?! Pfff.. pathetic. He’s not worth it Katie.

  • Diego Alves 2 years ago

    Katie, nice video. You sing very well. I’d love to watch a video in which
    you sing. :)

  • RecklessRiley 2 years ago

    Whats your thought about finding out more about someone you might like. I
    like a girl in my class but were both part of different social groups and I
    have no way of getting to know her better. we’ve talked in class as part of
    class stuff but beyond that I don’t have much of an in to talk to her.
    Besides asking her out/throwing the dice as to wheather I like her, what
    other way can I socialize without attempting to date.

    Its weird that its easier to ask someone out than to ask someone to be your
    friend first

  • TheDorkyDorcas 2 years ago

    I’ve been looking for a channel like yours for 2 years!! Haha

  • gracie mcbride 2 years ago

    I love this video. 🙂 also, makeup is on point. You have no idea how happy
    I was to see this video pop up in my feed. It’s like a little treat with
    good truth! 

  • Hannah Wilson 2 years ago

    Your hair, makeup, & voice are all lovely!! Sorry… Random, but just
    saying! Lol! 🙂

    I totally agree with this video… It was a nice reminder! Thanks for that.
    Maybe you should do a vid about a list of must-ask questions for the guy
    you “like”? Just an idea. <3

  • MillennialGamerGirl 2 years ago

    if i may add this to the conversation: (for those girls out there who found
    out a guy likes you.) If a guy likes you, and you know it. and you didn’t
    like him before, and now think you might like him. (this bit here is from
    my parents…) don’t like them because they like you. (guilty of this.) and
    if your honestly not sure about it, have a conversation with them. you’ll
    know pretty quickly…….-Person who has no dating experience. only
    amazing Christian parents.
    #Saved by the blood of Jesus Christ the Son of God our precious Savior. <3

  • Madison Russ 2 years ago

    I love this! Definitely have learned this first hand.

  • Amanda Snider 2 years ago

    What annoys me is so many 14 year olds are posting those, “relationship
    goals” things and some of them are disturbingly intimate. like girrrrl. I
    wanted a dog, finally got a dog and the small void that God left for me as
    extra storage space was filled. I’ve been in college now for 2 years, i’m
    19 and still have never been on a date and what do i long for the most?….
    Sure, itd be great to have a guy but…. I MISSS MYYY DOGGGGGGG!!!!!

  • Jeanette Hoff 2 years ago

    Katie!! Your voice!!!!! It’s GORGEOUS!!! I love hearing you sing!! Also I
    really love watching your videos and I agree with all you have said in
    them, It’s so encouraging to hear tour thoughts and you seem like an
    amazing and fun person!! Thanks for starting a Youtube!! It’s great to hear
    that there are others out there that believe similarly!! And I love how you
    can just be yourself so confidently without worry of what others think.
    Basically you are awesome!!

  • Caleb Barron 2 years ago

    Another great video. And In the Sound of music, I actually thank they are
    saying Goodnight, Not goodbye. Thanks for continuing to make videos.

  • A. Knox 2 years ago

    Hey Katie, I was wondering if you have a name for your fans? If you don’t
    you should call us the “Gregoirans” or something. 😉 

  • PhantomGamer 2 years ago

    Hey Katie, your videos are awesome and I’ve been watching them all
    afternoon (instead of finishing Pride and Prejudice for book club tomorrow)
    and I was wondering what you use to edit your videos. Thanks and keep it

  • Ida Ploug Pahus 2 years ago

    Wow, Katie your channel is just awesome!! Love how you are pointing people
    to Jesus! I’m also single and have never dated a guy and I’m 17 years old.
    Btw I just thought you should know that I live in Denmark, so your channel
    must be quite famous, huh? 😀 Keep shining for Christ!

  • Em Smith 2 years ago

    I think that the woman I babysit for settled for her husband. It makes me
    sad to watch their strained marriage. They don’t really fit. But I can’t
    say that I’m totally sorry, because their three children are the stars of
    my weekends! But back to the point, these marriages usually won’t work out
    super well. Just a little awkwardness might save you from an unhappy life
    with someone.

  • TechTricks 2 years ago

    You have no idea how excited I was when I saw this video in my feed. I love
    this series. You are so encouraging. I’m so glad that I found your channel.
    You manage to tell the truth and be funny and not come on preachy! Keep
    fighting the good fight! Love you, sis!

  • Ben Zaremba 2 years ago

    Who asks over text? I was all classy and asked her in person and it ended
    up sour anyway. Lol. These videos are great though. Nice job!

  • Abby Gait 2 years ago

    This is a great video Katie! I have definitely seen some friends go through
    the same thing you were talking about here.

    Also when I saw this I my feed I was SO exited to watch it. I’ve loved all
    your videos so far, keep up the good work!

  • Olivia McDowell 2 years ago

    Katie how do we live our life for God 

  • Abbi Littrell 2 years ago

    You should do make up tutorials! I love how you do your makeup!

  • Jennifer Smith 2 years ago

    Brilliant. Seriously. And your hair looks great 🙂 

  • Bethany Huff 2 years ago

    My husband quotes Song of Solomon to me all the time… not the flattering
    verses though :-p. I get told “your hair is like a flock of goats running
    down Mt Gilead” and “your cheeks are like two halves of a pomegranate” on a
    daily basis. (I find it hilarious)

    Great advice, thanks for what you’re doing. Us Christian girls need to
    stand by each other :-)

  • Samantha Wells 2 years ago

    Thank you for this. Me and my friend were just talking about this same
    thing… And now I’m convinced this video is a sign from God not to settle
    for someone I just want to be friends with. THANK YOU! 

  • Faith Christina 2 years ago

    YESSS! Give it to God! :-)

  • Anna Willemstein 2 years ago

    I so so so agree!!! Don’t settle. Good video! :D

  • Jennifer Gash 2 years ago

    Are you Canadian? :)

  • Sam Cannon 2 years ago

    Wow +Katie Gregoire you have an amazing voice! 😛 love all your advice! Ill
    keep it in mind when im ready to date. :)

  • Jenna Allen 2 years ago

    Katie, you do such a great job communicating your thoughts. I recently
    discovered your channel, and you have yet to say anything I disagree with.
    I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks this way! You have such a great
    perspective on life and Christianity, and I love that! Keep it up! :)

  • Justin Reimer 2 years ago

    Well, I though I would add my thoughts. I grew up a missionary kid, so it
    was a bit of a different setting. My advice is to not try to date someone
    you spend a lot of time with. I made the mistake when I was a little
    immature teen. If you mess something up then you are stuck spending a lot
    of awkward time with that person afterwards.

    Second, beware of quiet people. It is so hard to know what they are
    thinking. Even if you are really good friends it doesn’t mean they
    actually let you know any of their personal thoughts. They are really hard
    to make up with after you make a mistake. Often times you won’t even hear
    back. I may be completely wrong, but just speaking from my own
    experience. Yeah God has to guide, and if you aren’t in the right place
    with God many relationships go sour. So I have decided to wait as long as
    I can before I move past friendships, because I don’t want to hurt anyone.
    Sorry for ranting. Thx for your video and brightening my day. By the way
    just moved back to Canada and trying to figure out these weird Canadians
    that I am supposed to be a lot like. Justin

  • LovelyStylinson 2 years ago

    I like your videos Pls make more relationship guru 

  • HeyItsJay Cee 2 years ago

    AMEN! Fo sho!

  • Mikayla Spyker 2 years ago

    This is really a great thing to consider you make me happy with the topics
    you talk about and help alot tho my christian walk thanks so much big sis!!

  • Fidddle2Pie 2 years ago

    I’m not christian. i still think this is great advice and that you are very
    well-spoken. thanks for making this video :)

  • Avenger Gates 2 years ago

    Lol i love the part of “OMG LOOK AT HIS BIBLE” xD you make great videos! I
    come from Jess (Bauerbirds) ‘s channel haha here’s some love from Europe!

  • Danya Hardwick 2 years ago

    I just finished a dance competition (I won high gold if your wondering) and
    just got back to my YouTube to find that the amazing Katie Gregoire has
    uploaded a new video! I was so happy!

  • alissa anderson 2 years ago

    You’re great :)