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  • Kin Community 3 years ago

    “-“@thewinggirls always know how to give you a laugh and some fun advise.
    Check out more of their videos for a giggle

  • BadgeofShame 3 years ago

    I find humping a girl’s leg is a nice way to break the ice.

  • yoitsrami 3 years ago

    Hey WingGirls,

    I talk to this girl every night but we always run out of things to talk
    about but I don’t want to hang up the phone. How can I seem “hard to get”
    and make it interesting for her and our conversation?

  • TheReconJacob 3 years ago

    Could you make a video on how to tell if a girl is trying to make you
    jealous for your attention? I tried looking for a video like this but none
    of them seemed to be it. Thanks!

  • MarkoDoesGaming 3 years ago

    Hey Wing Girls,
    I know this girl, who Ive had a crush on for 1 year,
    But the problem is that shes my friend, and I dont know how she feels about
    She is not sending any kind of signals, and I am not sure if I should ask
    her out or not.
    Help me plss.

  • Ajestic 3 years ago

    Where is Joe’s comment?!

  • Fernando Rilloz 3 years ago

    I think cats and dogs are better dating advisors now?? Sad but funny! Lol

  • Rhegan pujos-michel 3 years ago

    This video seemed to come quicker than normal yay!!

  • Adrian Hermanus 3 years ago

    lol You guys are just awesome. Period.

  • ghost245353 3 years ago

    Jet’s boobs look big! o.o

  • 100vasiliy 3 years ago


  • MarkoDoesGaming 3 years ago

    Star, do you wanna smell my butt?

  • Venessa Villarama 3 years ago

    Both of you are SOOO amazing!!!

  • Hcbeauty1221 3 years ago


  • Hayder Shah 3 years ago

    Jet, will you go out with me? 

  • Linescrew1 . 3 years ago

    Sorry my Wingy Girls, but a dog will eat cat poop. I have seen it with my
    own eyes! Nice use of metaphor, though!

  • Chu B 3 years ago

    Cutest Dog Ever <3

  • Oscar Jeankarlo 3 years ago

    LOL cute video this was really interesting. I have both pets But I wanna
    say dogs are better because they are loyal and they really love you. as for
    cats, cats are cute when they are babies but they get kinda annoying when
    they reach a year old when they hit puberty and they started waking you up
    at 5 am whenever they are hungry

  • Mwahaha105 3 years ago

    Creative video. I’m leaning more towards the dog’s way of dating. Besides
    that way you can doggy style available, which is the second best position. 

  • Colt Rez 3 years ago

    You girls helped me. I got a girlfriend because of you tips! Thanks!

  • Ariel H 3 years ago

    To be honest, that was the most cutest video I have seen. I would choose
    dog and Star looked cute with the doggie nose. It’s like I want to adopt
    her and take care of her forever

  • nubboiboi 3 years ago

    Are you guys gay by any chance? Cuz you two seem cute together 

  • Geforcepat 3 years ago

    Haha! and another great vid. good job by star as a dog lol. #dirtyunderware

  • wiseoracle 3 years ago

    I’ve never been turned on by a cat before…

  • riley mate 3 years ago

    What is this..

  • Cristian marquez 3 years ago

    The wing girls c: 

  • nightfire2015 3 years ago


  • Ciara Sheri 3 years ago

    Jets so funny :)

  • CoolandRandomVideozz 3 years ago

    wow. i never knew i talk dog and cat!

  • Angelod Mc 3 years ago

    hearing the dark haired one talk makes my dick hard :(

  • Sean Graczyk 3 years ago

    Bark bark. Heh. I have owned both dogs and cats, this is pretty spot on.

  • XtraDecafeSir 3 years ago

    Too funny!! Keep the humor coming, and I might just shit myself!

  • Ashely Princess 3 years ago

    You are so funny c: By the way can you check my question I asked on “Things
    That Guys Do When They Like You” video I think it was that video. Thank
    you! c:

  • HangOutWith Jaclyn 3 years ago


  • LiveWire134679 3 years ago

    Can you start doing zodiac signs videos and get serious again? :/ I do
    enjoy the funny videos, but..I like the serious ones too.