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  • GirlsAskBoys 3 years ago
  • Madison Chinn 3 years ago

    Hey guys so I need some help asap cause my bf and besffriwnd r keeping a
    secret from me and its about me and my bestfriend says if she tells me ill
    b upset im going crazy wat do u think the secret culd b if u culd help that
    wuld b great thxs

  • The Wing Girls 3 years ago

    SEXY LADIESSSSSS!!!! (hahah yes we know we are talking to ourselves but we
    don’t care!)

  • Cody Achatz 3 years ago

    Watch if he hugs most specifically you or a few people. Some guys hug
    everyone, others just 1 or 2 people. If he isn’t into you, he usually
    doesnt want to be seen hugging you. That along with listening and light
    teasing can show it as well.

  • Maddie Cadiz 3 years ago

    he says “wanna have sex?” or he continuously asks you to hang out, or he’s
    constantly blowing up your phone, or he gets really annoyed at you when you
    talk about other guys

  • Iris Silva 3 years ago

    You guys are awesome love you!!!

  • pure_awesomeness 3 years ago

    Is there anyway I can ask u guys abt this kind of questions online

  • Marie Mawhirter 3 years ago

    So there was this guy that I had one class with, and I liked him and he
    liked me. but then we got our schedule’s changed at the end of the semester
    and now we don’t see each other… this was 1 week ago and he already has
    another girlfriend. We never dated and he’s super sweet and said he thought
    he should move on. Now I don’t know what to do. I don’t know if I should
    try to make him jealous or get over him or what! HELP ME!

  • Mica Dizon 3 years ago

    He asks me out

  • Kathrine Smith 3 years ago

    There is a guy in most of my classes. He acted a little like he liked me,
    but then a little while later he was talking to some of his girl friends
    about another girl he liked (He already dated her and they broke up).
    Before he started to semi-ignore me he would talk to me a lot. Once when he
    was talking to me he asked me, “aren’t you like a gamer girl?”. Another
    time a girl in my class that is like twice my size was picking me up and
    chasing me around the room and even though we were messing around he
    stepped in the middle and told her to stop (he was standing closer to me
    like he was protecting me or something). Does he like me?

    I know this is unorganized, but it is late and I really wanted to get this
    down because i couldn’t sleep otherwise. I love you guys PLEASE HELP!

  • DelaneyRockz100 3 years ago

    Umm this guy started talking to me a few months ago and now at school he
    like… Well this happens a few days ago he sneaked a chocolate in my desk
    when he was passing me and whenever I look across the room I notice him
    staring at me but…. when he talks to me all he talks about is video games
    ( ik we have video games in common but that’s the only topic) and we’ve
    never like… touched ik he likes me just is he afraid or something? And
    one more thing whenever I see him at recess him and all his friends are….
    watching me idk what to do next are we “together” or not??

    PLZ HELP! >:D

  • jolie jensen 3 years ago

    So awkward 0-0 ok Q: this guy I’m friends with school just like sat next to
    me were there is a row of empty btw some how I saw him at the libary and
    one of his friends was talking about his gf and he asked my friend what’s
    ur girl and he said I don’t have a girl and he looked straight at meh what
    the heck does that I saw him do this because he’s sit right next
    to me I’m not a girl who will ask out guys but after that day I see him
    starring at meh>.< its bothering me I've never dated or had a bf before

  • Anaileya Howard 3 years ago


  • LivC12 3 years ago

    Hey! I was hoping you could help me with a problem I am dealing with. I
    recently started talking to my Ex boyfriend, who was my first and only
    boyfriend so far, for the first time in a couple months. I have started to
    realize that I really miss him and I’m starting to feel all the same
    feelings for him. I can’t get him off my mind. He recently broke up with
    his girlfriend and sometimes I think he still likes me but other times I
    think he still likes her. Should I tell him how I feel or just wait it out
    and see what happens? Thanks!

  • Aurora Ranger 3 years ago

    Wing Girls!

    I am in 8th grade and I reeeally like this guy in my class. But I dont know
    if he likes me! I catch him staring and sometimes playfully teases me. But
    he doesnt really talk to me that much but when he does..its just confusing.

  • jamie le 3 years ago

    Don’t even bother about those werid added symbols cuz it’s not my fault lol

  • usui X misa chan 3 years ago

    He pokes u and teases you when he’s alone with you and u guys hug he might
    kiss u when u move your faces apart he teases you and might get jel if you
    say this guy is so cool or wateva

    You guys rock and your really funny could you make a video on what to do if
    he asks you out cause im really stuck 

  • Crystal Kratzer 3 years ago

    You girls need to do a makeup tutorial on ur makeup together u guys are
    awesome with makeup and boy advice hahaha! I love ur makeup though!!!

  • Chaning Shaheed 3 years ago

    Dear Wing Girls , I’m in the 7th grade and I like this boy ( he’s not in
    any of my classes) but I always see him in the hallway or at lunch. What
    Should I Do ? (We don’t talk much either)

  • gggirl 3 years ago

    no he didnt hes just looks like hes 14. hes really sweet and ive known his
    family for awhile. His younger sister is one of my best friends. 

  • Jill Eliz 3 years ago

    So there’s this guy I really like but I’m so scared to ask him to be my
    boyfriend so can you give me advice

  • Jovi Roseanne 3 years ago

    Help me my ex boyfriend lied to me a month ago and now he said that he
    misses me but I don’t know if I should forgive him as I can’t trust him
    again help me please! Love your videos oxo

  • Lila Hartung 3 years ago

    When you go to him and his friends and their all like ‘oh’

  • Bay Connolly 3 years ago

    Thanks that helped a lot and u guys are so funny 

  • Julliet Kokotailo 3 years ago

    Hey I was wondering if you could answer a question of mine. Me and my
    boyfriend have been together for a year now and we haven’t had our first
    kiss yet. I really want to kiss him but I am afraid that I don’t know how
    to kiss. I am afraid that if I try, then I will feel like I am kissing like
    a wet dog. What do I do, and how do I know how to kiss? Thanks!

  • Stephanie Aranda 3 years ago

    Hi Wing Girls haha I love you guys!!! I don’t have any guy problems but
    recently my guy best friend told me he was gay. I have no problem with that
    (I’ve always wanted a gay buddy xP), but the problem is that he has grown a
    bit distance from me, since I was the last person he told. I mean not last
    because he’s planning to tell others but you get me haha. But yeah he’s
    hanging out more with the people he told first and all. He doesn’t act gay
    or awkward or anything out of normal but I’m thinking he’s doing this
    because he feels a bit weird with me knowing. Is that possible? Is he
    ignoring me because it’s weird? Do you think we could go back to the way we
    used to hang out? Idk but thanks anyway haha love you!

  • Alejandro Rodriguez 3 years ago

    You act extremely awkward and smile retardedly

  • Geogia Hilleshiem 3 years ago

    Okay, so I like this guy but hes a grade below me, I know that it doesn’t
    matter in the future but when your in the 8th grade and you like a 7th
    grader it matters. People think well they think it weird. But he has a gf,
    ugh, I need help. He said he liked me at one point this year but when he
    met this other girl he dropped them. He still is my friend and he knows
    that I like him. Ik is kinds weird for people in middle school to date but
    I guess its normal?I serious need help.
    – Georgia

  • Pedro Hernandez 3 years ago

    I sometimes tell a girl that her hair is pretty.

  • Christie Lauren 3 years ago

    Dear Wing Girls,
    I recently got out of a relationship. My ex wants to be friends with me but
    I don’t really want to, and I would feel terrible telling him this! Any
    advice on what I should do?
    Thanks beauties xx

  • Nia Hunt 3 years ago

    Ok so there’s this guy in my orchestra class and some times I eat lunch
    with him but in class he’s always staring at me and I think he thinks I
    don’t see him but I do from the content of my eye we always talk and stuff
    like that but like whenever we talk he’s always smiling like IDK and he
    dated my best friends but like I can’t just stop liking him because of her
    and we follow each other on instagram and we like all of each others pic so
    like IDK.Plz help
    – Nia

  • Linescrew1 . 3 years ago

    How you girls get your hair to look so awesome??