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Get My “Shy Stop” Technique: Shy Guy Dating Coach and NLP Practitioner Stephan Erdman specialises in helping especially shy men o…



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  • Claudia Ervin 3 years ago

    if you are a shy guy and you approach the woman being shy then she will
    automatically assume power over you. if she wants a confident man then she
    wont take yo seriously. oh she will like the compliments and may give you a
    chance but if she likes a confident man then its a bad sign

  • silentsoul 3 years ago

    Best advice I can give both introverted and extroverted men STAY AWAY FROM
    WOMEN!! Live your life for you women do not provide happiness only a means
    to procreate don’t ever change yourself to please a woman let them come to
    you and make them earn your time it’s time to start being men 

  • Dalia Cristina 3 years ago

    I love shy boys, I wanna date one so bad.

  • JokerDR71 3 years ago

    when you are in contact with woman you better be strong, you can show some
    weakness, depends on the woman. the better the woman, the more natural
    human weakness you can show and she will still like you as a man. but you
    better never show your full, real weakness to any woman. keep it for
    yourself and deal with it. this is what a man must do.

  • LSU WINNER 3 years ago

    im not shy i just cant talk to girls

  • dirtyplaya 3 years ago

    yes they don’t necessarily want a shy guy but being shy might make girls
    interested in you, girls are always curious an they like to find things out
    which is why they talk to shy guys cuz they’re curious

  • agcrafty1 3 years ago

    I’m girl and I like shy guys who likes rock bands and has nice hair

  • Angelo Serpa 3 years ago

    I’m shy

  • gaminglabrador5 3 years ago

    a girl i like unknowingly called me undatable, and if a girl calls you
    that, then you know its true

  • Stacy W. 3 years ago

    I am attracted to shy men but I never get the opportunity to get to know
    them because they never ask me out. I am not comfortable with making the
    first move. I wish we could make up a body language signal that would be
    just for shy guys to let them know when we are interested. 

  • wilco roos 3 years ago

    I’m a shy guy and I did see a girl but i don’t now here, I just see here
    walking on school and she is not in my class.
    I just can’t find the courage to go to here and talk to here, I need help!
    she’s in my mind and she’s not leaving it.
    I don’t want to do things because im just not there im just dreaming about
    here i really need help and i don’t now what to do

  • den fete 3 years ago

    girls dont like shy guys becuse shy guys are like girls. girls dont want
    girls. girls want social cool guys or badoys. and there is also a reason
    why some guys are shy, its becuse they are sure about themselft and girls
    hate that.

  • Phil Perry 3 years ago

    If you don’t look good you won’t get a good looking girl.Done
    Just date someone in your league and your life is much easier.

  • den fete 3 years ago

    not sure about themself i mean.

  • congruenceofsouls 3 years ago

    i’m shy….i’m silent…i’m an observer…i’m a listener…sometimes i
    behave stupid, i know. women have hated me..hesitated to speak to
    me..rejected me..scorned me..verbally abused me. i’ve cried many
    but i’ve always felt proud about myself. i never had to prove anything to
    ….women…never understood what they want…never understood why they
    expect men to ask them out… never understood why they expect men to go
    down on their knees and propose…never understood why they always want to
    play victim….never understood why they always play the weaker
    sex……for goddamn’s sake…..they are the stronger sex……men are the
    weaker sex.

  • CPRTn 3 years ago

    Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. He promised that He
    will return. Seek JESUS CHRIST while He may be found – JESUS CHRIST IS LORD

  • freedomfighter13103 3 years ago

    In this day and age, women are at their peak of acting absolutely mental.

  • Destinee Starr 3 years ago

    I love shy guys because I am a shy girl, and cocky loud guys scare me and
    are a turn off. The shy guys.never like shy girls though. The shy girls are
    ignored and passed over for the hot, popular and loud girl.

  • SoThatsMobius1 3 years ago

    same here

  • Vanity Fair 3 years ago

    C’mon man , no one goes for the nice guy

  • RandomHelpingGuy 3 years ago

    We’re not animals…

  • Karrie Berger 3 years ago

    Lol I know 🙂

  • RandomHelpingGuy 3 years ago

    We’re not animals, we can control ourselves.

  • 15killerzombie 3 years ago

    Is is bad if im shy?

  • Sydney Aelvoet 3 years ago

    They don’t girls love shy guys. Shy girls love cofindent guys JUST believe
    in ur self

  • OfficialKaslex 3 years ago

    I’m shy at first… I do the stupidest random shit when I get comfortable
    with someone

  • socceraddict292 3 years ago

    I have a few friends that are girls but they always talked to me first. Ive
    never gone straight up gone to a girl and started talking. if ik the girl i
    can talk forever and ever but if i dont know her then i just become awkward

  • Naruyami Yuki 3 years ago

    sry but now I’m breaking my silence. I partly diagree with your comment.
    “SMILE”? But how? maybe I fargot how to smile or I’m not in a good mood or
    something else. The society made the unbreakable rule smile=good but I
    think that’s just bullshit. I think even further: Why do you smile? simple:
    because you’re in a good mood, happy, enjoy life, like a joke and so on. On
    my opinion, faking a smile is the worst thing you can do. But we have to
    follow the rules of the society to be succesful in life

  • Sven Cats 3 years ago


  • alieshia justice 3 years ago

    Hey I’m a girl and I like a shy guy

  • DS The final light 3 years ago

    It’s bullshit, but I guess we all want the best we can get. Hence why being
    an ugly shy guy as a teen sucks when it comes to dating. It’s funny really.
    On the internet every girl likes shy guys apparently. Then you look at the
    real world where those same girls are ignoring the “mysterious” guy for the
    confident player. And no, I’m not a mysognist. Both genders act like

  • DS The final light 3 years ago

    I love all the comments by girls saying they like shy guys. Here’s a fact
    that most idiots don’t acknowledge: 90% of women(especially teenage girls)
    do not want a guy who 1. Will not take initiative. 2. Is ugly to them. 3.
    Has no social status. 4. Is feminine in any way. Shy guys, nice guys, and
    any other kind of wimp don’t have advantages. They either have desperate
    ugly girls to date or prostitutes. BEING SHY GETS YOU NOWHERE! Bitches who
    say they like shy guys are LYING!

  • TheRedDalia x 3 years ago

    i actually do like shy guys

  • Rayhunter 3 years ago

    hey, Stephan, are you from south/south-east London? I am not expert in
    accents but if I had a guess, I would have suggested that

  • Apostolis Papas 3 years ago

    ‘…If they are human being just like you and me and they still are,
    despite being women…’ Man, that line’s just won me over.

  • RandomHelpingGuy 3 years ago

    I think every guy did.

  • jake marmolejo 3 years ago

    hi stephen listen my name ia jeremy Martinez and im very shy at school im
    in middle school and im seeing the counsler alot for my shy ness and stuff
    like that. but im thinking about my feauture like i might die alone or
    somthin or know one 2 hold.theres alot of cute girls at my school. please

  • Ed Lopez 3 years ago

    women are not people. they are devices crated by the lord jesus christ.

  • rimasuemikidia 3 years ago

    what you’re saying it’s totally untrue. I FREAKING LOVE shy
    guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^^

  • Pieoflords 3 years ago

    I already heard this, thousands of times. When I talk to a girl, we become
    friends, which is nice but…seriously. Can one girl I like “that way” like
    me back? Like this comment if you agree.

  • SoulSurferGS8 3 years ago

    It all depends, If you’re a doer type and shy, you’ll get some signals from
    em. If you’re dreamer and shy, well….good luck dating online…….oh yea
    online dating doesn’t work anymore so forget that, you’re only option is
    become a do-er! And no it’s not so much about being Mr. smoothy confidence
    man. Women want real MEN why? Because men are STRONG in every aspect, aka
    they don’t let shit bother them they just do cool shit and with or without
    anybody else! Be STRONG and confidences follows!

  • Hayden Knopp 3 years ago

    Do girls actually like shy guys? No… no they don’t, I know from experience

  • Chis Itu 3 years ago

    Also, remember that not every girl you like and walk up to for the first
    time.. you will end up really liking..maybe she is cute but she is very
    stupid and dumb and totally different from you… work out, read books..
    work on yourself first.. i was like you and now im getting a little better
    with time… help yourself

  • sirmighty loov 3 years ago

    A woman being shy is not a handicap.Most guys will be aggressive enough
    that she want have to worry about it.Because she will still get approached

  • Chayse Wagner 3 years ago

    I cant like your comment but I feel you bro *bro hugs*

  • Neto Rodz 3 years ago

    well if a girl is that kind of cocky would you want to be with her??? to me
    thats a chick i would avoid cuz she feed off attention… anyones attention