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  • Team Fortress Gaming 4 years ago

    3 words: suck my dick

  • Otorimasu 4 years ago

    Suck mah dick xD

  • ganster3ron 4 years ago






    ♖♘♗♕♔♗♘♖ your move

  • ♠ Ro×äs ♠ 4 years ago

    adblock dude. Adblock.

  • Zeta Uphill 4 years ago

    Three words: Be My Bitch

  • nightfury2986 4 years ago

    the unskippable ad is longer than the video… thats nice

  • Tayn Thayn 4 years ago

    I’m sure he does…

  • Angel Quiroz 4 years ago

    WOW! Its like we watched the same video or something?!

  • PartyObeyAwesome 4 years ago

    yeah, who doesn’t like burritos and tacos

  • Trenton Nash 4 years ago

    makea dat ass crap*

  • ArSMa Alq 4 years ago

    3 words Fuck You Bitch

  • EPIC MAX 4 years ago

    three words:feels so good XD

  • hery josse 4 years ago

    3 words:LET’S GET LAID!

  • Tayn Thayn 4 years ago

    It’s like i’m Blue and my brother is Red…

  • QueenSomething 4 years ago

    I dont actually know how horrible that is, but still, my deepest consent. From the bottom of my FUKING heart.

  • Abby Sue 4 years ago

    I knew red was gonna say that omg. Its the first thing that came to my mind other than I love You.

  • Angelo Garcia 4 years ago


  • ArSMa Alq 4 years ago

    suck my balls

  • MrAttheMALL 4 years ago

    It actually make that ass clap, but do to pronunciation it sounds like crap 

  • jtlol5 4 years ago

    they’re both wrong its, ” you are beautiful “

  • Omega Inferno 4 years ago

    I’m The Doctor.

  • PartyObeyAwesome 4 years ago

    4 words
    Make that ass crap!

  • Hulio Martines 4 years ago

    I’m aggravated. My cousin sleeps on the floor above me. I’m irritated because he just lately became superb at picking up the ladies. The guy discovered the Master Attraction site by Jake Ayres (Look in Google). Now I hear him bringing girls back. He’s always pulling women back and I can’t help but hear it, which is gross. If only he never found that site. My closest friend just signed up and got a blowjob a week later.

  • Aura Darkria 4 years ago

    well u can kinda make an exception

  • gwadlook 4 years ago

    Deep Space 69 reference at the end 😀

  • gwadlook 4 years ago

    Here’s some cake.

  • akkiim0123 4 years ago

    Wow.. you watched the same video? no way.. :O

  • Wolf Blood 4 years ago


  • sharksfartbeans 4 years ago


    Video game time!

  • ramonrodz138 4 years ago

    Where’s my sandwich??

  • Dylan French 4 years ago


  • zen cisneros 4 years ago


  • Barple Bapkins 4 years ago

    Was talking to “SeroGrave” because only a faggot quotes the whole video and gets top comment rofl. Guess thats your alt or some shit.

  • Sero Gravito 4 years ago

    well please excuse my comment.
    but hey, it was funny right?
    Whats the need for commenting about
    his post? Even if it was half the video.

  • Sero Gravito 4 years ago

    so your saying he didn’t quote half the video?

  • patrick smith 4 years ago


  • Riley Switzler 4 years ago

    2kinds of people

  • xNinjaJK 4 years ago

    Oh you saw the video too?