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Three women discovered dead in Detroit over the past week, including two found burned beyond recognition early on Christmas, were linked to a website called …



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  • sopitabo 4 years ago

    1814dreadyhead.Good video idea.
    People listen to him,anything you hear.I wouldn’t care about anonymity.If it was a family member i would call the police.Get this animal off the streets,whatever it is.

  • 1814dreadyhead 4 years ago

    Immediately. Yes…maam….

  • GlammingAintEasy 4 years ago

    Wow I am so sicken by all of this…. this person needs to be caught

  • 1814dreadyhead 4 years ago

    Well i will leave this up for those to see it. I copy and pasted the story as it showed. But thanks for the corrections.

  • ESBEAUTII 4 years ago

    *Correction* the website is called backpage (dot) com your description box says ‘packages’

    I live near where this happened I thought it was random murders but I’m relieved to know its not.I believe its the same guy though.its creepy how he’s still out there..its highly possible that I have passed him N not known it.its very sick.I pray to god they find him.