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Sex tips for guys include being subtle, being unique and telling a girl something she's never heard before. Seduce a woman subtly with tips from a relationsh…



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  • John Michael 3 years ago

    My girlfriend has a beauty mark above the left side of her lip and she was
    made fun of that all her life. but, i told her that its the most unique
    feature about her and that without it something would be missing about who
    and what is a part of her. she very much appreciated it and i appreciate
    this video. this guy knows his stuff

  • SStoopid 3 years ago

    I find this hard to masturbate to

  • Nancy L 3 years ago

    Guys don’t approach women because they fear a rejection Visit
    and watch the video Make a Woman Approach You You will not regret In the
    woman feel like “you must be able to meet want things from your sexual
    desirability and successful men, but you analyze things”.