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Worf gives Wesley advice with the ladies!



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  • Djarra 4 years ago

    Thing is looking like that Worf gets it on with four of the best looking
    babes across two shows so he must know something.

  • ChaosRayZero 4 years ago

    0:12 “Men do not roar, women roar!” B-but… But YOU just roared. o_0 Are
    you trying to tell me you’re a– *ducks under a heavy object hurled at me*
    *Walks away nervously* Now I’m waaay more confused than before I asked. -_-“

  • BladeOfLight16 4 years ago

    Only if she is a Klingon, so no.

  • Sheogorath the Madgod 4 years ago

    Commercial ends: Me: Well, lets see how Wesley’s doing with his lady
    troubles… Worf: “WAAAAAAAAAAAAARG!…” Me: Well, that escalated quickly 😐

  • Samuel Rockbridge 4 years ago

    Only if it end with hardcore makeup sex.

  • gaoutlaw 4 years ago

    I’ve tried begging like a human, but still haven’t had a girl ROAR or throw
    things at me.

  • WaveForceful 4 years ago

    I dunno about you guys but the Klingon way sounds a lot easier.

  • MultiSpiderdude 4 years ago

    I think he means praying to someone.

  • Blackfish 4 years ago

    Eh, I guess it’s not as universal as I thought. *shrug*

  • hipp6y 4 years ago

    Technically, I believe it’s the female that asks the male out in Klingon
    society. Thus the roaring.

  • hipp6y 4 years ago

    I live in a Western society, and I am a woman, and I know loads of women,
    yet this the first time I’ve heard of this bizarre signal. If I were you,
    I’d reconsider if I weren’t misreading something. I don’t mean to be nasty
    or anything, just saying. One person even replied to me writing you meant

  • hipp6y 4 years ago

    Touching forearms? WAT

  • hipp6y 4 years ago

    WAT Why would pretending to be a female mean praying to someone? And who
    prays like that anyway? You’ve just made me more confused. WAT

  • Asadron 4 years ago

    only if you’re reading love poetry while she does it!

  • Blackfish 4 years ago

    So Worf first demonstrates the female way of courtship? I don’t have the
    context, but this seems like a human man putting on lipstick and touching
    forearms when asked for dating advice.

  • Stephen Charbonneau 4 years ago

    to dinner or a movie?

  • Seetiyan 4 years ago

    *shrug* Hey, human babes dig poetry too. Sounds legit.

  • Bill T Szewski 4 years ago

    I am bored but more to the point Youtube told me to try this!

  • Alan Baker 4 years ago

    Relationship advice from Star Trek.

    Worf: “Men do not roar. Women roar. Then they hurl heavy objects… and
    claw at you.”

  • C Rogers 4 years ago

    Klingon dating advice:
    “Men do not roar, WOMEN roar… and hurl heavy objects…”
    Dating Tips with Worf

  • PhoenixLance13 4 years ago

    I’m not sure what disturbs me more: the thought of a Klingon woman clawing
    at me, or Worf reading love poetry

  • horaciosi 4 years ago

    @MayThereBePivot And that’s the sound we make when we orgasm.

  • BaronVonAsskicker 4 years ago

    anyone know what episode this is from?

  • Minsooky 4 years ago

    Worf has a boner

  • mattrmcl 4 years ago

    The best part is Data turning around with the wtf look on his face