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  • mexiaboy555 4 years ago

    She my fiancee @shan jahan

  • Shah Jahan 4 years ago

    You are cute btw.

  • Shah Jahan 4 years ago

    Who is Jihye?

  • mexiaboy555 4 years ago

    i would not mind the matching shirt, but passive is something me, and jihye
    working on.

  • 8745400 4 years ago

    great things to kno 🙂

  • Aboriginal 4 years ago

    great tips.

  • Drrck11 4 years ago

    Good tips. I’ll use them.

  • Sezom Reklaw 4 years ago

    Thanks 누나

  • Jali005 4 years ago

    Thank You Lilylee55.

  • cool2t 4 years ago

    wow i would never date a korean women then. 1.i’m a private person so i
    wouldn’t confess my love in public. 2.matching shirts? all i got to say to
    this is hahahaha. 3. being passive has good and bad traits, too much
    passive is like being with a zombie. 4. i like direct people, so if there
    is relationship issues just tell me exactly what the issue is so we can
    solve it as quick as possible, no needs for threats of break up etc. i
    understand its a different culture thing and i respect that.

  • Shah Jahan 4 years ago