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  • TheBrittanyMathews 4 years ago

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  • gsecc 4 years ago

    i want to thank you for disrespecting tommy like you did, i laughed real good when you called exposed his bitchy attitude

  • Earl Dyson 4 years ago

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  • Maire Haley 4 years ago

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  • John Scott 4 years ago

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  • TheJackal1887 4 years ago

    Women really only want a great looking guy lots of money and does what he’s told

  • LetArtsLive 4 years ago

    how bout on the cell texting?

  • xBloodXGusherx 4 years ago

    I am thoroughly convinced that ALL women live in a fucking fantasy world. They all act the same.

  • Mohammed Abdullah 4 years ago


  • Brand adam 4 years ago

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  • Sandi Oliver 4 years ago

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  • serenasmith771 4 years ago

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  • dating86 4 years ago

    Love is ageless and pure. Hence, having a big age gap in a relationship should never pose a problem It is a nice place for younger women and older men, or older women and younger men, to look for friends , dating and serious relationship .

  • TheSteveWhiddonBand 4 years ago

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  • RelatrionshipAdvice 4 years ago

    good advice

  • itsclivefelice 4 years ago

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  • Olivia XOlxy 4 years ago

    Biggest turn off(s): Someone who talks about marriage on the first date. Or straightens his own hair

  • BarSideView 4 years ago

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  • Antonio Mitchell 4 years ago

    looking at the female after agreeing on what to wear and it it is not ok.

  • Antonio Mitchell 4 years ago

    someone got to tell you what to wear.

  • zerocool155 4 years ago

    dont take any advice from the prey take advice from the hunter if you want to land a kill…

  • Anna Lee 4 years ago

    How about – is this the new facebook-killer?

  • Hjdatesdotcom 4 years ago

    Biggest turn off on a first date……… having your pants on for more than 15 minutes. I KID I KID.

  • Zhang Vicki 4 years ago

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  • Naren789 4 years ago

    someone doesn’t want to pay hahahha i love that bitch hahahha

  • videoshirt 4 years ago

    they say they don’t like arrogant guys but it seems like that is what they date the most

  • B3a7inU 4 years ago

    The dude in the white t shirt has completely thought this out… Lol

  • 4Ferrelux 4 years ago


  • 靖柏 曹 4 years ago

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  • Haileysweeklypointe 4 years ago

    Flirting with other people while I’m there ie the waiter and only talking about themselves

  • nanajo972 4 years ago

    someone that just wants sex is a turn off

  • nanajo972 4 years ago

    someone that just wants sex

  • edatebook 4 years ago

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  • DarkTundra2010 4 years ago

    Another turn off is when a guy tries to be too physical too soon. Like, trying to make out with you, touching you in inappropriate places, etc…It’s like, have respect ya know?

  • Gary Gray 4 years ago

    girls love confidence but hate cockiness

  • adultdating100 4 years ago

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  • karlakarliable 4 years ago

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  • biyankasuzan 4 years ago

    Are you tired here we go Asian women

  • fenandzouniza 4 years ago

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