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Thank you for subscribing internet BFF! Most of my best friends just happen to be guys, and while these observations aren't 100% true for every girl, they do…



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  • PrincessGirtha 4 years ago

    I love your youtube channel

  • Denise Chavarria 4 years ago

    I do not like shopping

  • prince danny 4 years ago

    women probably hate eachother but when it comes to men they help eachother. Weird.

  • River Brigham 4 years ago

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  • whitneycorbit 4 years ago

    There favorite color

  • zakasrias 4 years ago

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  • emiree hansen 4 years ago


  • Patrick Adams 4 years ago

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  • Samantha Stevens 4 years ago

    Great vid brittani

  • Ashley Shelagowski 4 years ago

    One more thing… Play a game.. Well show you who’s the player

  • Rahman Tipu 4 years ago

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  • heyitsapianoplayer 4 years ago

    100% spot on. Good work brittani. Make more advice videos like this please. Like what girls should do etc.

  • Mackenziegurl101 4 years ago

    Also guys, we don’t date you for nothing. If we didn’t like you we know where your special place is. We know how to take you down. So don’t take us for gran tit!

  • mimiandmax9 4 years ago

    Some of it was true about me ^-^ but not the shopping stuff… I

  • Isabella Clair 4 years ago

    “Damnnnnn dat gurl is hot!!”* stupid fucking auto correct…

  • Isabella Clair 4 years ago

    These videos are hilarious to me because I’m just sitting here thinking “wait a minute I’m nothing like these girls…” I HATE shopping, LOVE playing video games, if I see a dude checking another girl out I don’t get cold, either I don’t date them or I joke and say these exact words (quietly to them) “damnnnnn day pt gurl hot!! (Yup weirdo over here)

  • Annaie1234 4 years ago

    Guys are always like “boobs are awesome!” You can fucking have them there annoying as fuck

  • nachezg 4 years ago

    Lolz at stubble burn hahaha

  • Alexis Paravas 4 years ago

    You’d be amazing on Girl Code! Lol

  • Nell Rogers 4 years ago

    Perfect. 🙂

  • Interior .Designer 4 years ago


  • Interior .Designer 4 years ago

    Some men are (exuse my language) complete douches and/or dicks

  • ShaleenHadouken 4 years ago

    the older we get, the more sensible our shoes are

  • Noa Batson 4 years ago

    Girls can take almost anything the wrong way

  • savannah b 4 years ago

    all waz true…but I ware comfortable shoes that’s just me

  • Jomaye Squishy 4 years ago

    Boobs aren’t fun

  • buellerferris 4 years ago

    Survey says if you’re having problems with so many guys, maybe they’re not the problem.

  • crazywhiterangerserb 4 years ago

    My ex should’ve seen this video, maybe we would still be dating if he did -./

  • Emily Hicks 4 years ago

    I feel yu

  • Sean Dawn 4 years ago

    so THATS why tall girls wear high heels. God thank you so much for solving this mystery for me aha.

  • Astha kc 4 years ago

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  • Heydrich300 4 years ago

    British Rail wants you.

  • Woody Long 4 years ago

    bitch wants me

  • Katie Capps 4 years ago

    when girls dont talk to you when you are together they probably feel like you dont care

  • Ashlyn Kamauoha 4 years ago

    This is totally true! All of it!

    We see u when u are checking out other girls!!

  • Hai Lex 4 years ago

    Can you come repeat all this 10 times to my boyfriends face? Thank you that would be lov3ly

  • shiitukimushrooms 4 years ago

    My favorite YouTube channel makes another perfect video

  • maggiek603 4 years ago

    So true so true

  • heybrotv2 4 years ago

    im a bpy and that “cute stuff” really works on me

  • kkatgirl34 4 years ago

    This was perfect! Totally right! 🙂