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You know when you're hanging with someone and suddenly, the conversation runs dry and you're sitting there awkwardly in silence? I help you prevent that from…



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  • Gregsplays 3 years ago

    live long and prosper…..

  • odobenus159 3 years ago

    First question: “Are you religious?” This will end 50% of all dates after
    only 4 words.

  • CharDeeHar 3 years ago

    You look amazing In this video

  • Wildivlax 3 years ago

    Oh my god. Myspace.

  • Niel Casas 3 years ago

    Actually, all the guys I met from the internet were guinuine and pretty
    cool hehe

  • musical zozo 3 years ago

    Emma its 2014 EVERYONE HAS INTERNET FRIENDS, i’ve been out with someone
    over the internet

  • pmg matic 3 years ago

    i though that KSP opened up cause of your background music

  • aranzazú Sánchez 3 years ago

    Ok, is awesome that so many of you and relatives of you, have found love in
    the internet and you know, the whole thing. But we have to agree that most
    of the time people that are on the internet are creepy, so, yeah…

  • nightroses1 3 years ago

    My wonderful soul mate that I have been with for 4 years I met on the
    internet and my cousin has been married to his wife for 3 years and they
    are so in love and they met on the internet…..

  • Pink Boomer 3 years ago

    Meeting someone online isn’t that bad. I met a girl on the internet. We
    started liking each other a lot and now we are together. Been together for
    3 months. Working so far. It’s 2013 soon to be 2014. Dating online is
    perfectly fine. Just be careful. But we met through another friend and
    became friends first. Not through some stupid dating site (cause that’s

  • Jasmine Rubin 3 years ago

    Either ask a ton of questions or act like a goofball. Don’t be too weird
    though ahhaha

  • PatrickDFTBA 3 years ago

    watching second video emma made….You are a natural that’s for sure…

  • Emily DeVoe 3 years ago

    never meeting people off of the internet isnt always bad; my boyfriend and
    i have been dating nearly a year and we met from BBM and continued on the
    internet. Most of my family lives in his country so it gives me an excuse
    to visit there a couple times a year.

  • Jenia Barrick 3 years ago

    Why are you soooooooo beautiful 

  • SuckMyDax 3 years ago

    Should we just go fuck? List updated. Thanks Emma!

  • Bianca Dubois 3 years ago

    why doesnt she agree with online dating?

  • Tristan Cooper 3 years ago

    I can’t stop thinking about KSP because of your music

  • michelle12093487 3 years ago

    uuhmm i met my current boyfriend online.. its going well so far.. call me
    stupid or whatever if you like.. i may be stupid.. but im happy :3

  • poppy jones 3 years ago

    you kinda look like bella swan in this video :D

  • natebot321 3 years ago

    I heard the KSP music in the background and I instantly checked to see if I
    left the game open, wondering why I didn’t notice the music before…

  • SharkG-Gaming 3 years ago

    there is so many youtubers that use the music from Kerbal Space Program :D

  • Illusive Prime 3 years ago

    1:05 True.

  • larabobble 3 years ago

    My auntie met her husband on the internet

  • SparX Wolf 3 years ago

    Weird friend stuff….. I can relate to that…..

  • rubythecat953 3 years ago

    So true :3 genius!

  • SaInT GaZ 3 years ago

    my brother met his girlfriend on saints row 2 online, and now he has 2 kids
    with her LOL

  • Star Song 3 years ago

    Fortunately, my boyfriend and I have a lot of mutual interests. Whenever
    there’s an awkward silence I just usually bring up shipping characters or
    play video games or something.

  • Leonor Tarazona 3 years ago

    Thats mean I met my boyfriend on the internet. But I totally understand
    what you came from.

  • Jack Brand 3 years ago

    The only time I ask some one out they said no so now I am a big bubble of
    hardly social

  • Woffles Party 3 years ago

    Thats mean I met my boyfriend on the internet. But I totally understand
    what you came from.

  • Nick Saunders 3 years ago

    In 5 months btw

  • ilikecookies713 3 years ago

    Kerbal Space Programme music!! 

  • dezeehoi 3 years ago

    lol the kerbal space program vab music

  • SzaraVytra 3 years ago

    1:00 and now everyone is tring to do a spoke

  • Tiny Medina 3 years ago

    I met my ex in 6th grade and we were more of strangers, we had some friends
    in common then he moved and I found him on Facebook last year and we went
    on a date. Does that count ?? 

  • Jessicaaa 3 years ago

    Yeah my friends called me stupid, but I’m young and ‘in love’
    Wtf is my life -.-
    But yeah great video Emma, love you!<3

  • longrange341 3 years ago

    Awesome KSP Background music, your level of awesome just went above max.

  • Briana Morin 3 years ago

    Well honestly, I think it depends on HOW you speak to the person online. I
    have friends that I met online that I’ve known for years, and we skype
    video chat all the time, and I know them extremely well. 

  • Melody Shoemaker 3 years ago


  • Kbilsoy 3 years ago

    Emma omg my friend recommended u and now I’m addicted!!! 

  • Nick Saunders 3 years ago

    I am 19 and sick of online dating. I have online dated 16 fucking girls and
    it costs thousands. I littlerty bankrupt my self on them. 

  • max van eijndhoven 3 years ago

    GURLL, did you just thouched your boobs and said higher o_O. XD not that I
    really care. Keep it cool emma

  • X3mdain 3 years ago

    nice advice…

    and your pretty.. :)

  • jonas brave 3 years ago

    Keep it un-serious and be comfortable in your skin. Meeting people is not
    gestapo torture. And you’re free to change it up at any time… you can
    excuse to the WC a minute if the person is too nervous, you can always cut
    short with nice to meet you I have to go now, or you can chill back and
    enjoy/watch the room a minute saying nothing.
    If you do hit it off a little, you can get off your two stupid little
    chairs and go wander a bit – get a slice, relax and wander around
    commenting at interesting stuff you see in the area which hopefully there
    is. 2¢.

  • Richard Beckhoff 3 years ago

    the ditty is from the film “father of the bride”. Okay I know I’m a little
    late so sloppy seconds will do