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  • james brigit 4 years ago

    im a realest… hard to like to myself

  • Katy Jones 4 years ago


  • arvin gumera 4 years ago

    @felkpcl My ex came running back to me after 2 weeks. You just need the
    right technique. Watch this video and learn –>

  • Drakken682 4 years ago

    @superheromike Well yeah, if you show to anyone that you are a loser,
    people will treat you as a loser and you’ll be unattractive. You’ll have to
    stop rationalizing that shit like that, like “huh I am a nerd, everyone
    sezs so it must be true, la la la” and change things in your life to help
    you feel more confident, more present, more in the moment, and more
    assuming of yourself. And yes, it means you’ll have to change style, work
    out on yourself, go out of your confort zone, and so on.

  • superheromike 4 years ago

    sorry i think it is a lot of crap. the girl in the video reminds me of that
    phony go to college online chick. also how can i think im attractive when
    my whole life i have been told otherwise? i really cant lie to myself. what
    good would that do? just make me feel like a fake too. i cant just say im
    so pretty i can be a model and expect to get it. truth is it is what other
    people think that matters.

  • Qu0thTheRaven 4 years ago

    Metaphysics XD

  • hilarioussable 4 years ago

    thank you, sweetie, you helped me a lot!

  • DaveCo777 4 years ago

    Superheromike, it’s not what other people think that matters. It’s sad that
    you think that. Confidence doesn’t have to revolve around how you look.
    (You have other things to offer.) It’s hard not to get caught up in what
    other people think, but it can be done. Sorry that people have been telling
    you you’re not attractive, but don’t let those a-holes decide how you’re
    going to precieve yourself.

  • ashley charles 4 years ago

    this sounds like a commercial but its true

  • dating44 4 years ago

    You take a look at new avengers last night? Pretty groovy!

  • ComedyOnTheRunCOTR 4 years ago

    @TheMangaQueen It’s funny how you would post this on a video that explains
    how to get your confidence up.

  • BellaEsmeralda7 4 years ago

    Thanks for your videos and advice. Very insightful and helpful 🙂

  • K20civicsirturbo 4 years ago

    how is this tip just for women? I guess us men dont have emotionshuh?

  • DaveCo777 4 years ago

    This might not be the best analogy, superheroM, but work with me. If
    there’s a band that you absolutely love, would you delete them from your
    I-tunes if other people told you they thought the band sucked? What if the
    majority of people you knew thought that? Hopefully you wouldn’t care,
    you’d say, “I love this band no matter what others are saying, I think they
    rock.” If you can do that for a band, you should be able to do it for
    yourself. Not caring what people think is attractive.

  • TheMangaQueen 4 years ago

    i dont know how to get my confidence up 🙁

  • Max B 4 years ago

    Nice one.

  • Chantelle Grayston 4 years ago

    Giving confidence to others has a natural way of boosting your own. Give
    confidence and you will get it. Start with a smile or a genuine compliment.