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  • divumskies 4 years ago

    “yo you got mmm but yo momma got booty”

    i died…

  • Fairie Wings 4 years ago

    ya thts definatley a no

  • Karina Ebere 4 years ago

    LOL the ending: Ryan`s FACE
    that-spanish-guy`s NOSE
    and – the funniest – D-trix`s MOUTH XD
    XD XD
    XD XD XD

  • fuzzie2000sh 4 years ago

    weird ending

  • Jordan Callaham 4 years ago

    So funny 1:00

  • Lexi Joubert 4 years ago


  • Anas3101 4 years ago

    lol guys aren’t the only ones who need to bite their tongues down you know :D

  • MadisonUnity 4 years ago

    The way ryan looks at the Tampon xDD

  • Triere Gorum 4 years ago

    @theDOMINICshow Why is Mickey always banging Minnie in your videos? lmao!

  • Lynn Jaminson 4 years ago

    omg.. gross ending ever lol

  • zada bucher 4 years ago

    aw you look like the dog! lol XD

  • alayarichardson20 4 years ago

    Babe, I think I’m gay!

  • doctorwhodalem 4 years ago

    Why is it up his nose!!!0-0

  • Madison Collazo 4 years ago

    I can say wat I wanna say

  • Yuuki Asuna 4 years ago

    HEHEHEHHHEHEHEHE My ex said all the no-no’s….

  • lexilolliepop 4 years ago


  • happylaughter1990 4 years ago

    MEHMEHMEHMEH I’m a little slut.

  • Tamaira rose 4 years ago

    Oh babe, you look like the dog…

  • It's just Simple me 4 years ago


  • writerindisguise 4 years ago

    Love this video, but I gotta say, the bets part is Ryan’s face at 3:08. Just like ‘Wtf is this?’

  • QueenOfDarkShadows 4 years ago

    Well,you did offer a tampon…not much more you can do. Lol!

  • Angela Miller 4 years ago

    RYAN! :D

  • ilora12 4 years ago


  • smittn21 4 years ago

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  • Johnny Eastwood 4 years ago

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  • Nilsx Balazo 4 years ago

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  • Quinn Tiller 4 years ago

    D: someone stole his blonde hair

  • mrepiczombirkilla 4 years ago

    Waaaait, how could she be gaining wait if she hasn’t eaten in 4 days

  • Alexander Osborn 4 years ago

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  • Emma Kendall 4 years ago

    Saying “I love you Ryan” right before 0:47

  • Hannah Flores 4 years ago

    Ryans face on the last pic is hilarious.

  • bailey cundiff 4 years ago

    thats my gilfriend ryan

  • Salima-AdiAnna Khusial 4 years ago

    word like especially don’t mention her period be happy at least you get bjs

  • Haley Williams 4 years ago


  • Angeline G 4 years ago

    Ryan at the last pic is like: what the hell are these!?

  • Tiffani Tru 4 years ago

    Lolz u need a new one haha

  • xbbellax 4 years ago

    Im a girl and i still agree

  • Brian Nguyen 4 years ago

    2:05-09 what is the piano song name? or can u send me the  song itself? thank you !

  • wathsala perera 4 years ago

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  • Darkk Apprentices 4 years ago

    Lady gaga romance.

  • Tay Sharp 4 years ago

    0:52 and 0:58… you’re welcome.

  • SuperJazzey123 4 years ago

    the guy that says its not.cheating if you close uour eyes has a sexy voice 😉

  • John Davidson 4 years ago

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  • zoeusmc12 4 years ago

    If my boyfriend ever tells me one boob is bigger than the other then I’m gonna beat that ass.

  • CCpuppyface 4 years ago

    When Ryan says “love love love love” (0:49) does it happen to be in a song? if so, does anyone know which one???

  • BeautifulStarlight1 4 years ago

    I say I wanna say! I say what I wanna say! I say wha-I don’t say what I wanna say…LOL!